Eco-Friendly Ideas to help you style your special event

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on March 19 2020

People are being more mindful than ever of ways to be eco-friendly and as sustainable as possible when it comes to planning their special events. There are many ways you can decorate for your event in an eco-friendly way so that you have less impact on the envoirnment, you just need to think outside the box a little. The great thing is that you can still have amazing looking decor, meaning you don't have to comprise on the looks, just because you have decided to go down this route. In fact you might be surprised with what you can do with an eco-friendly mindset. It's a fun challenge to take, that I applaud you for. 
In this insightful video I am sharing some amazing ideas for having a more eco-friendly wedding day. But if you fancy staying put to read more of your other options for decoration ideas for your event, then let's dive more into this now. I am sharing my top 'go to ideas' for creating a more eco-friendly event.

Go Into the Wild

One of the biggest ideas you could do is to choose a setting that is eco-friendly to begin with. So think about getting outdoors in the fresh air and using your natural surroundings as a backdrop to your event. If you're getting married, say your i do's outside, it could be in a field or among a woodland forest. You will have less work to do when it comes to decorating your space, therefore less impact all round. Also by opting for a marquee style venue such a tipi or yurt you will be cutting down on energy that is used to power an indoor venue. If you are hosting a party at home take it into your garden, get out into nature and use the space to help you. Bring creature comforts outdoors with you, like comfy seating, cushions, blankets in case it gets chilly and hot beverages for a warm up if your event goes on into the evening.

summer garden party set up


When we think eco-friendly decor one of the first thing sthat comes to mind is to up-cycle unloved treasures. Taking something you already own that you don't use and giving it a makeover is going to be less impactful on the envoirnment than if you was to buy something brand new for your event, especially if it is a one time use. You could raid your loft, garage or garden shed to find these treasures that you could give a new lease of life or you could visit junk shops, antique fairs or charity stores to buy second hand. Often we also over look what we could use to decorate our event that is hidden in our very own kitchen cupboards when we have finished with it. Tins and jars can most definitely be up-cycled into something beautiful.

I up-cycled these vintage lampshades and transformed them into these moss wonders perfect for a garden setting.

moss lampshades for wedding decor

Mix and Match

Personally I am a huge fan of the mix and match look, instead of everything looking too uniform. I think it actually looks more interesting if you do this with your decor, especially on the tables. There's something about an eclectic mix of glass bottles, vases, and stoneware that is very appealing on the eye. Another mix and match I love is with old chairs. This works particularly well if you're hosting a garden party and you have old chairs in the loft you can bring down. It gives an interesting look and certainly will add a unique twist.


Use Nature

This has to be my favourite decoration idea for events, as I incorporate nature all the time. It's so under used considering most of it is free on the floor or available in our own gardens. Use branches to display table plans, pinecones for place settings, leaves for garlands and greenery for table runners. This is such a creative medium to explore with and is a fantastic eco-friendly option.
branch table plan luggage tags


Consider decorating your space with plants and greenery instead of buying in flowers. (picking wild flowers is perfectly ok if you grow themself in your garden) but buying from a florist particularly if you want flowers that aren't in season at that time, won't be an sustainable option as florists need to import them in. There is so much choice when it comes to greenery, in lots of different tones of green. And the variety of plants available is amazing and can create multiply different looks. You can use cactus's, succulents, lavender and even herbs such as rosemary and mint.
They will smell amazing and look lovely and can then be re-used again and again. They also work well by mix and matching so that the design looks more interesting.

If you would like to read more about my plant service you can check it out here.

plants on tablescape for wedding day

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are a fantastic eco-friendly choice as they have already been preserved and can be re-used again and again if looked after well. There are many different varieties to choose from, from delicate star flowers to wild pampass grass. I offer dried flower arrangements from bud vases to larger arrangements for display. You can read more about this service here if you are interested.

dried flowers in terracotta pot

dried flowers in recycled glass vase


My advice when it comes to gifts for your guests is to spend your money on favours that are going to be used. Give everyone a plant they can grow in the garden that will last forever. These cute favours below make the perfect little gift to give to your guests. All you need is some cute little succulents or mini plants of your choice (herbs or catcus's also work well) and decorate them with this diy kit, that is available here >>

An added bonus is that you can find this super helpful video on how to create them below.


Some great alternatives to the traditional tissue paper confetti for a wedding is leaves, seeds and flowers. No clearing up to do after the confetti toss and it's much better on the environment. So that they are picked fresh, it could be a task for a wedding party member to do the morning of the wedding, that would one, keep them busy, plus you won't have to worry about anything wilting.

I have a great little diy to make your own confetti cones out of paper, ideal for holding those leaves to throw over the happy couple. You can buy the diy kit here  to create your own magic moment.




Paper stationery is far the best choice for an eco-friendly wedding. I have a wide collection of stationery designs, some of which are created on re-cycled card and paper, that fit in perfectly with an eco-friendly theme that I know you would love, incorporating nature and botanicals. 

What about this fern leaf invitation to help you set the scene for a sustainable event. You can find it here in my stationery shop 

When styling your table menus instead of using ribbon or twine which is a one time use as it's cut to size, use paper napkin wraps that you can re-cycle after you have finished with them. You can find these patterned fern leaf wraps here, along with other fun options in the collection here.


fern leaf napkin wraps for menus

Choosing paper straws for your drinks instead of plastic is also a fantastic alternative option to style your drinks up with decor, as you can re-cycle them after use. Personalise straw flags are my best seller and the first product I launched, I still adore making them and I have a wide selection of options available that add a bit of fun to your drinks area.

You can browse the collection here >>


personalised drink straws with guests names

Personalised Tropical Drink Straws


tropical drink straws for bridal shower

Bridal shower drink straws

Cut The Guest List

Only invite who you 'really' want at your event. Having a smaller number will reduce the resources you need. It will also make it more personal and special. Do not fall into inviting people because you feel obligated to. Smaller numbers at an event will reduce the impact on the envoirnment in a number of different ways, so always re-calculate your guest list before you confirm who's is invited.

Hire Decor

A fantastic way to be more eco-friendly is to hire most of your items for your event, which will one, cut costs enormously, plus you won't have a bunch of decor to get rid of afterwards which you don't need anymore. When you hire your props and decor, they will be used again and again, meaning it is a very eco-friendly option. I offer a prop hire service catering for all your styling needs, which you can check out here >>

So you see a few ideas for an eco-friendly event is definitely achievable with some forward thinking and a well thought out plans. If you would like some help planning your special celebration, you can check out my events page here >>


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