How to add the wow factor to your wedding stationery

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on April 22 2022

No one wants plain and boring when it comes to their wedding stationery. When you're spending your hard earn cash on wedding goodies, of course you want to add the wow factor. But how can you do this? I have some put together some great ideas to take your stationery from just 'nice' to the next level. This will help you create that all important wow factor that every couple craves.




For me, hot foiling is the ultimate wow factor when it comes to choosing your stationery. As well as looking amazing with it's stunning finish, it's definitely got that luxury look about it. The thing I love about the foiling the most, is that with all the different colours available, this means it can give totally different looks, from metallics to brights to pastels. With matt finishing or the popular shiny finish, we all know and love. Foiling is what makes a statement, and i don't think there is any other technique that beats it, especially for a wedding.


Image by Geogina Mai Photography

Invitation Set

Finishing Touches

Adding some finishing touches to your stationery are the things that again takes a stationery design from 'nice' to the next level in my eyes. It is also the best way to make your stationery look different to someone else and a chance to add your own personalities. There are lots of ways to do this including wax seals, envelope liners, tassels and twine. I have a treasure trove full of fun finishing touches to play with that will help you add the wow factor.


Envelope liners are great for levelling up an invitation set, the guests will get a nice surprise when they open them, as it's often a space that gets forgotten about.

Natural Romance 

Wax seals are great for using on many areas of stationery. Use to seal an envelope, use them to fix table plan cards to create a display or add to menus and place cards. They are are fantastic little additional that add big impact.


Tassels, ribbon, twine, eyelets and other finishing touches are worth considering adding, to take the look of your stationery up a notch.


Boho Bronze

An Interactive Element

A sure way to add the wow factor to your stationery is to include interactive pieces your guests will love. This could be a fold out menu, personalised drink straws for each guest, or a creative table plan idea. Think of yourself as the guest, and put yourself in their shoes, and think about what would surprise them. Guests love to feel more involved, so ways for them to interact and engage with your wedding are a fantastic way to do this. This is up the wow factor as it's giving them an experience.



Welcome Cards

 Drink Straws

Bespoke Design 

If you want to add the ultimate wow factor, the kind where you get guests jaws dropping and floods of comments about it after the wedding! You need to consider having something bespoke made especially for you. If you want something no one has seen before, or you may have an epic idea you need bringing to life, then working with a stationery designer would be perfect for you.

You can take a closer look at the details for bespoke work here >>

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Style It Up

My bonus tip for adding the wow factor to your stationery, has a lot to do with how you are going to style it on the day. You can have the most beautiful stationery, but if you are not careful, it could easily fall short of giving the impression you want it to make. If you want your wedding to ooze those swoon worthy vibes you see all the time on Pinterest, you need to put a little more thought into how you are presenting each of your pieces.

What do I mean?

I am talking about the way you place your menus and place cards on your tables. The way your table plan is displayed. Or it maybe a beautiful wedding sign which needs some thought out placement for it to make the impact you want. Other things to think about are, if you would love photos of your invitation set to treasure forever, the right props need to be selected to tell your love story. 

So you see, the whole picture has to come together to add the wow factor and tell the whole story. This is what really creates the magic and it's the stuff styled shoots are made of.


Image By Danny Inwood Photography


Image by Geogina Mai Photography

Table Plan 


 So what's next?

If you care about the details as much as me, and you love all that attention to the details stuff, but you would like a bit more help with how you can style your stationery, on your day to add the wow factor and set you you apart from the crowd. You can send me a message with your enquiry, I would love to chat to you and geek out about it together!!







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