Eco-Friendly Wedding Inspiration

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on March 19 2020

As the trend keeps growing, couples are being more mindful of ways to be eco-friendly and as sustainable as possible when it comes to their wedding planning. There are many ways to achieve this which is accessible and inexpensive. Let's dive into it, as I have a ton of tips to go at, so grab your pen and notepad!!

Let's start with the dress!

Why not consider, buying a second hand dress? Remember, wedding dresses are only worn for one day and many brides decide to sell them afterwards so there will be plenty of choices, and you can buy one at a fraction of the price! Also consider your mothers dress or a family member's, and have it altered so that is looks completely different. Most dress's have to be altered to fit you anyway so you are still saving money by just paying for a seamstress to do the work. You may even have a friend who can sew!
After wearing the dress consider to do the same or make it into something else that you want to have on display in your home. (such as a keepsake throw, or cushion cover)

Bridesmaid Outfits

It is a good idea to see what your bridesmaid's already have in their wardrobe to start with, this way you could work from that. Mis-matching bridesmaid's gowns look really effective together. Another suggestion is giving your bridesmaid's your colour choice then they can choose the gown, different styles in similar colours will compliment each other.

Local Venue

This is not for you if you want to get married abroad! It's much better for the environment if you get married in a local location. And it's even better if you can have your ceremony and reception at the same venue. Choose somewhere that will need minimal decoration, which will help cut the cost and look simple and beautiful. If you can, and your venue has beautiful tables and chairs, try staying away from table linens and chair covers, these will require washing and drying. Look for stained wood which will look beautiful when styled minimal. A beautiful forest or garden is the ideal venue for minimal decor.

Mix & Match

With the right setting mis-matched chairs look great together. Ideal if you are planning the wedding yourself. Hunt down chairs not in use by family and friends, people always seem to have extra stashed away in the loft or garage!

I also think it works really well when you mix and match decor like vintage bottles. This way your decor looks more interesting as each table will looks slightly different but still cohesive. I have a wide selection of vintage stone ware bottles and green glass bottles to hire from my prop collection which you can check out here.

Use Nature

Consider using natural materials to create decorations, such as tree branches to hang foliage from and leaves for guest place cards. Pinecones also help bring outdoors inside. You can really get creative with this one with nature being your best friend.


As most candles are made form paraffin which release toxic chemicals, you may want to look for beeswax and soy candles which are widely available. They maybe a little bit more expensive, but you wouldn't want to miss out on the beautiful atmosphere candles can create.


Consider using plants or herbs as centrepieces, this way they will not immediately die after the wedding like flowers will. They will still smell and look lovely and can then be reused again and again. I offer a plant hire service making them a cheaper alternative than buying plants.

If you would like to read more about my plant service you can check it out here.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are fantastic eco-friendly choice as they have already been preserved and can be re-used again and again. I offer a dried flower services along with my wedding styling. You can read more about that here.


Find a caterer that will use local and organic sourced food to serve. Choose seasonal items that will make it easier for dish offerings.


Source bamboo plates and cutlery which can be recycled. They will look fab and add character to your table decor.


Spend your money on wedding favours that are going to last. Give everyone a plant they can grow in the garden that will last forever.
These wedding favours below make the perfect little gift to give to your guests. All you need is some cute little succulents or mini plants of your choice (herbs or catcus's also work well) and decorate with this diy kit.

You can find this super helpful video on how to create them below.

Wedding Gifts

As a wedding gift, you could suggest guests donate to plant a tree in your names, which is great for the environment. You could plant it in a special place to visit once in a while, like on your anniversary.


Some great alternatives to traditional confetti is leaves, seeds and flowers. No clearing up to do after the confetti toss and it's much better on the environment. So that they are picked fresh, it could be a task for a wedding party member to do the morning of the wedding, that would one, keep them busy, plus you won't have to worry about anything wilting.


I have a great little diy to make your own confetti cones out of paper, ideal for holding those leaves to throw over the happy couple.




Paper stationery is far the best choice for an eco-friendly wedding.  I have a wide collection of stationery designs that fit in perfectly with an eco-friendly wedding theme that I know you would love. You can check them out below.

Tropical Botanicals

A collection perfect for nature lovers. Perfect for summer or autumn seasons. With a terracotta envelope, tropical leaf envelope liner and copper foil.


Love Branch Menus

Recycled white grain card lifts this nature inspired design with an arch curve to add a soft touch to your place settings.

Copper Luxe

Copper is ideal for adding to earthy tones that is most often associated with eco- friendly weddings. Use copper menus and place cards alongside terracotta plant pots and you have a match made in heaven.

copper foil wedding stationery

Copper Menus

Copper Place Cards

Copper Table Numbers

Natural Florals 

If you are looking to add more 'green' to your eco-friendly wedding, then these moss green envelopes are perfect for helping you set the right tone when inviting your wedding guests to the day.

natural wedding invitation set

Natural Romance Stationery Collection>>

The Guest List

Only invite who you 'really' want at your wedding. Having a smaller number will reduce the resources you need. It will also make it more personal and special. Do not fall into inviting people because you feel obligated to, I'm sure they will understand.

Hire Decor

A fantastic way to be more eco-friendly is to hire most of your items for your wedding which will one, cut costs enormously, plus you won't have a bunch of wedding stuff to get rid of afterwards which you don't need anymore. I offer a prop hire service catering fro all your styling needs, which you can check out here >>

So you see an eco-friendly wedding is definitely achievable with some forward thinking and a well thought out plan. 



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