What to include in your wedding invitation suite

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on April 01 2021

Ok, yes obviously you need to include who's getting married, when the wedding is, and where it is being held. In some cases you can include the parents names but this is personal preference depending on how formal you would like to be. If there is a change in venue for the reception you will definitely want to make that clear, and if there is a dress code you should also include this. If you would some help figuring out what kind of style to choose for your invitation there are some great tips here >>>
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Reply Card
This is the easiest way to keep track of what guests are coming to the wedding. It may seem a bit old fashioned in the high tech world we are in, but on a rsvp card you can add meal choices, dietary requirements, and song suggestions all in one place, gathering more useful information for you. You can find a fantastic collection of rsvp cards here >>>
wedding rsvp card
Reception Details
This is really good to include if you're holding your wedding reception at a different place, as all the extra details maybe a squeeze on your main invitation, and we don't want that. You could include what they can expect too, like buffet and disco or dinner and entertainment.
If you have guests coming from other areas it is nice to include places they can stay that you recommend. Often if the venue has extra rooms for guests to stay, they offer some discount to all involved in the wedding. Or find local places that are not too far to travel once they arrive.

If you need a card to add extra details to, you can find a great collection here >>>

all the info wedding details card
If the guests do not know the area as they live elsewhere it would be really thoughtful to include directions to the destination, especially if it in the middle of nowhere! Suppling a map is useful to show more detail of landmarks they can look out for. Anything to make there journey hassle free and more enjoyable.
Weekend Events Card
Particularly good to include if you've planned your wedding over a few days or you maybe your having a destination wedding. It is good to include the schedule of events with the time and the location so your guests don't miss anything. If you need something bespoke making then do get in touch I would like to help you bring it to life.
It maybe important to you to include something about wedding gifts, short, funny or sweet poems go down really well to explain if you would like gifts for your home together or money to put towards a honeymoon fund. Guests appreciate you making it easier for them by telling them what you really want.
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