How to choose the style of your wedding stationery

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on June 14 2021

Choosing your wedding stationery can be a little tricky, this is purely because there are so many options available to you, which include different techniques and materials to achieve different looks. This is great, but can make it really hard to choose what you want. So I am here to help with some key factors that will enable you to narrow down your choices, which will help you choose something that compliments the style of your wedding.
Choose a style
Firstly, the overall style of the stationery you choose wants to compliment the overall style of your wedding day. Keep in mind that your wedding invitations will be the very first thing your guests see to do with the day, so it wants to send the right message across to your guests, so they know what to expect. It will set the tone and vibe so choosing the style is really important. You don't want to give too much away with your invite, just enough to capture the essence of what to expect. 
rustic wedding invitations
These invitations are perfect for a modern rustic style. The simple floral design with the brown and white combination gives a elegant and natural vibe. Perfect for outdoor weddings in woodlands or botanical gardens, a bohemian theme or for eco-friendly conscious couples.

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Choose your colours
Once you have your colour scheme sorted out for your wedding this should make choosing stationery much easier, as you can incorporate these colours into all those pieces so it looks like everything belongs with each other.
Consider the materials
Thinking about what materials compliment your style will also help set the tone too. Textures play a huge part in showcasing your style, so be sure to order samples so you can touch the stationery in real life to know what they feel like. Papers such as vellum provide a delicate touch which is great for adding more elegance. Even down to the finer details like twine, which is perfect for a low key wedding where as ribbon will give off a completely different vibe. 
Suitable fonts
The font used on your stationery also plays a bit part in the style you choose. For example, something extremely formal, using scroll fonts with a traditional feel would be appropriate. While a more relaxed wedding style would want to use a more casual font. Using the same fonts throughout all your pieces will help you achieve a cohesive look.
Correct Language
How your stationery is worded and the type of language used will be influenced by the style of day you are having. Make sure your wording reflects this. For example, for a very traditional formal wedding, you would expect your invitation to use formal wording. This type of thing can be carried right through to your wedding tables. If supplying menu's for each guest, for a formal sit down dinner you may like your menu's personalised with each of the guests name, where as for a less formal meal they may say 'let's eat!' instead. The way you announce your wedding on your invite is especially important too. If you're a couple who is hosting the wedding themselves, the invite may have a more casual approach. Where as if the parents are hosting the wedding you may need to use the appropriate wording. 
All these key factors will help you choose a style which ties in nicely with the rest of your day. In a lot of cases the stationery is the star of the show so getting the right fit is really important.

If you would like some help choosing the right style of stationery to compliment your day then feel free to pop me a message to talk about it. Or you can take a look at the all the wedding collections here.

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