Wedding Trends for 2021

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on July 23 2020

2020 has been a tough year for the wedding industry due to the coronavirus. Many couples postponing their wedding day, some cancelled altogether and a few decided to carry on with a zoom wedding. Each couple making their own decisions based on what was right for them. Wedding venues and suppliers took an extremely hard hit. So for most in the industry, 2021 is going to be a very busy year indeed, fitting in extra weddings between those that were already planned before the pandemic. 
So what are weddings going to look like going forward?
Undoubtably the fact that we experienced a long period of time away from our friends and family, not able to spend time with them, hug each other, and being stuck in our homes, will most definitely influence couples when deciding how to celebrate. For some it will mean a 'let's go big' approach, having a large guest list, 
and extravagant choices. For others it will mean a more intimate time with only close relatives and friends. There will be a surge in couples craving how to make their day unique to them and the focus will be on their values more than ever.
Lets see what the trends are going to look like.
Locally sourced
More so now than ever before couples are going to want to support local business's the most they can. Shopping in their local towns and city centres first before they are unable to find what they are looking for. From local sourced food and drink suppliers, to using British designers for wedding attire. The economy has took a hard hit so business's need your help and support to keep them going.
Sustainability is one of the top priorities for a couple now. They will ask theirselves ' how can we make our wedding day sustainable?' It can be anything from choosing to have plants instead of flowers so they can be re-potted or choosing a venue where it doesn't need much decoration, instead you can use the beautiful surroundings. 
Couples will be looking for more ways for their weddings to be more meaningful, with sentimental touches. It maybe incorporating a brooch into your bouquet from a grand parent, it maybe choosing a timeless bridal gown to pass down a generation. Couples will also be looking at ways to choose items that they can keep in their forever home, and pass on to the family so they can use after the wedding.

As well as making your wedding visually pleasing for the guests, couples are thinking about the feeling they are trying to create on the day. You can do this with the lighting you choose, music you decide to play, materials, colours and textures you incorporate, and the aromas of candles and your flowers.These will all play a huge part in creating your atmosphere.
Couples are now realising more, that a wedding is more about the experience your guests have. While your day will go quickly with chatting to guests and dancing, it is becoming more popular to have a statement activity your guests can interactive with and enjoy. Popular choices are a cocktail making bar, magicians, artist sketching guests, and talented performers.
Mid week Weddings
There is likely to be a boom in mid week weddings, this will be partly to do with couples budgets as it remains to be less expensive than a weekend wedding. But due to the fact that couples have had to postpone their big day will mean weddings will be slotted in as couples won't want to wait any longer.
As couples are after a more relaxed vibe in 2021, soft pastels will fit the bill to help create the correct vibe. Think light pinks, pretty lilac, peach, dusty blue and coral are among the favourites.
After spending months stuck at home and not going out to familiar and new places. This is be a great opportunity to get dressed up, so it will be popular to go all glam for your outfit. Whether that is with statement necklaces, tassel earrings or a beautiful veil.
If your seeking extravagance, then 'the bigger, will be better' everything will be oversized, from the bridal bouquet, to the decor, to statement centrepieces, right through to amazing fireworks displays.
Micro weddings
Lots of couples will have realised how important their nearest and dearest mean to them over the lockdown period. Therefore lots more smaller, intimate weddings will take place, between 20-30 guests, allowing couples to spend more on the things they class as a higher priority.
70's Vibes
We are seeing more influences from the 70's era. With couples wanting to introduce a relaxed vibe, the bohemian theme is still going strong. Natural elements are being used, like wicker, pampas grass's and textured linens. 
Lots more couples will be taking to more DIY projects for the wedding to put there own spin on things. Inspired by lockdown with more people 'having a go', they will feel motivated to try out their new skills. There have been lots of tutorials and creative business showing how to make things, which has been fantastic to see and inspired so many who wouldn't of otherwise tried due to lack of time. 
Wedding Lounges
Having a relaxing area or corner of your venue for your guests to sit and mooch is becoming more popular. Let it be a quiet zone for guests to take a breather from the goings on, it could be a kids quiet play area. Or a corner to have a heart felt chat with your guests. To create one, all you need are some comfy chairs, sofas or bean bags to create a chilled out vibe.
Graditude will a big theme of a wedding in 2021, couples will be thankful for so many things, whether it is thankful to have your health, grateful to be spending time with close ones, and maybe thankful to finally celebrate your special day after months of stress and waiting.
More than ever, couples will feel compelled to collect donations for the charities they support with their favour ideas. With the most popular being the NHS, for there  magnificent response to the pandemic in 2020. Your values will play a big part in these choices.
I hope you enjoyed reading about the trends of the up coming year. It will be very interesting to see couples bring it all to life in their unique way. 
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