Do you feel like your struggling to work out what you want your wedding to be like? Are you finding it hard to picture everything together? Are you constantly scrolling Pinterest for ideas but you feel stuck when it comes to making any decisions? Are you worried your choices won’t match with the style of venue you have chosen? Or perhaps you have too many ideas and you need some help pulling it all together. 

If you can relate to any of these, firstly I want you to know, it is totally normal to feel confused and overwhelmed. With an endless sea of ideas at your finger tips (I am talking Pinterest!) you end up liking everything you see, therefore when it comes to deciding, you find it hard to let go of all the other things you like. Am I right? Secondly the good news is, I am pleased to tell you there is a solution to your problems.

Working with a wedding stylist (that’s me 🙋🏻‍♀️) can help you bring your vision to life. Together we can work out your style, your colour palette and your aesthetics.

We can chat about anything you are struggling to decide on. If there is something you have been dying to ask an expert about, this is your chance.

I have created ‘The Creative Kickstart’ so that I can help couples like you figure it all out, and you will walk away with a clear vision and direction to go in, so you can have a wedding day that looks amazing and reflects your personalities.

I want your wedding guests to say ‘This is so them’

So, if you fancy chatting to a friendly expert who ‘get’s it’, and who loves talking all things wedding then you can book a consultation with me.

If this sounds perfect for you book your consultation now!