Wedding Stationery Trends for 2024

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on February 22 2024

If you are looking for stationery for your wedding day that feels current and modern, I am sharing some of my favourite stationery trends for 2024 and beyond. Trends are led by what consumers are searching for on Pinterest and Google search and also what we are seeing stylists like myself produce in styled shoots. Trends like home interiors and fashion also influence these trends which is really interesting. It's important to say at this point though, that trends are to be used as a guide and you should only take away what feels right and aligns with what you want and leave the rest that doesn't suit you, for good measure. I love looking at the trends and how you can use them and incorporate them into your day, so let's dive into what's hot right now.

wedding stationery designer

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Coloured Stationery

With the trend of colour bursting into the wedding scene over the last few years, we are seeing couples wanting their colour scheme to continue into their stationery as well, helping to tie in all their design elements. Setting the scene perfectly with their invitation suite right through to the on the day details, making sure the stationery pieces compliment the table decor, with attention to detail on the place settings and with creative signage for key display areas in the venue space. Colour is a fantastic way to inject your personality into your wedding, it will help your design come together if you run it all the way through, and it will create the right mood for your day from the beginning to the end. Pastel colours that are trending for 2024 are sage green, peach and lavender perfect for spring and summer weddings. And bolder colours are copper, black and dark green perfect for autumn, winter weddings.

 copper and green cocktail sign

Cocktail Sign

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Patterned Stationery

Using pattern in your wedding stationery is another amazing way to add interest and personality. Couples and stylists are experimenting a lot with pattern at the moment and is not to be under estimated. It will add some fun and add character to help you create a vibe, and not to mention you can give subtle clues as what's in store for your day. Take these save the dates for example, the fern leaf pattern brings the card alive, gives it a botanical feel, adding the same pattern with a matching envelope liner makes the set feel complete and when guests open them they will feel excited about the day, so adding the patterned elements really elevates that feeling as they break the seal.

fern leaves save the date card for botanical bride to be

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Pattern can also be used to break up plain, solid colours giving it lots more interest. For example; plain napkins look lovely, but if you don't want to go to the expense of upgrading to patterned fabric napkins a fantastic alternative is to style them with a patterned paper napkin wrap. I love making these and they can be used for all sorts like putting around a bread roll on a side dish to belly bands to keep invitation sets together. You can find some fun designs in my stationery shop here >>

fern leaf napkin wraps

Fern Leaf Pattern Napkin Wrap >>

Adding pattern with your table plan is also another fantastic place to put it, as it can help emphasis your theme so that the pattern runs throughout the design. You can be as bold or as subtle as you desire, depending on your vibe and style.

topical wallpaper table plan

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Plain stationery certainly has a place when you have a lot going on elsewhere or you want to keep things simple. However trending for 2024 and beyond is including illustrations in your design. Again it's all about tying in your design features and adding your personality, which is so important if you want to stand out from the crowd. I am particularly fond of the wild flower look, as it fits in with lots of wedding styles, such as a whimsical garden setting, floral weddings or for couples who simply love the outdoors and are getting married outside among nature.


wild flower reserved tags for wedding ceremony chairs

Floral Illustration Reserved Chair Tags >>

This succulent plant design is ideal for serene garden vibes and couples who love plants more than the floral look.

Succulent Plant Invitation >>

Western Luxe Vibes

A new trend for 2024 that has emerged is western luxe in weddings. Think sandy desert vibes which pairs beautifully with the boho theme. Ideal for casual couples seeking a chilled day with plenty of character. I designed this wild cactus invitation which is perfect for the bohemian couple who are looking for a less traditional vibe.


boho wedding invitation set

Cactus Invitation >>

 Telling your story

Couples are realising in order for their wedding to be different and to get their guests attention to make them count down the days with you, is to give your guests an experience. Stationery can be a great tool to do this. Now obviously your invitation is the first glimpse of your wedding your guests will receive so it's important to wow them and start to build the excitement. Providing them with as much information as possible is key to getting a full guest list attend. Let's be real, people often get put off attending, as they have to find out everything themselves or they simply don't know what to expect which makes them feel uncomfortable. You have to provide them with it. For example if your wedding is over a weekend, why not send them the itinerary with what's happen each day at what time. I have a fun fold out invitation here which gives you plenty of room to achieve this. If your guests don't know the area a handy map may be useful to them also. Other ideas are accommodation suggestions, gift ideas, when to rsvp and directions to the venue. It's all about suppling what they need so that it makes it easy for them to say yes!

fold out woodland wedding invitation

 Woodland Wedding Invitation >>

Sustainable Favours

Another stationery trend couples are seeking are sustainable favours. This means providing gifts that your guests are going to either eat, drink or use. To put it simply try not to buy novelty gifts as they will be wasteful and your guests won't want them. Some popular ideas for a sustainable touch is wild flower seeds or a mini plant. This way they can watch them grow and it is helping the environment at the same time. I have some some fun favour tags that you can add to your own favours here, or I have a fun diy kit for making your mini plants look pretty here.

 gold foil thank you tags for wedding favours

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Personalised Stationery

It's more popular that ever to add personalisation to your stationery pieces. This is key to making your day feel more your own. Whether this is your names and wedding date on menus, signage or favours or personalised pieces for your guests. These straw flags can be personalised with each guests names to add to their place setting, it adds some fun and is an alternative take on the traditional flat name cards. Making them a styling feature in your glassware as well as being useful.

drink decoration straw flags

Personalised Drink Straws >>

Finer Details

Couples are wanting to level up there stationery so it stands out and makes a lasting impression on their guests. Adding finishing touches like wax seals gives a sense of luxury, tassels are great for boho styles and adding a fun festival vibe, and eyelets add the finishing touch to name tags that makes all the difference.

sage green wax seals

Wax Seals >>

Tassel Name Tags >>


According to Pinterest, one of the big trends for 2024 to emerge is bows. You can add these in all sorts of ways to your stationery pieces. You can tie them around menus to add name tags to look stylish like below or you could tie them around a wedding favour, to make your gifts look extra special. It's a fantastic way of levelling up your stationery, by giving it some extra styling.

Fern Leaf Menus >>

fern leaf menu card with ribbon and place card

Name Tags >>

Styled Stationery

Modern couples are focussed more on the styling aspects on their day and there making sure that their love story is told through the wedding design. Stationery is no longer an after thought, it's important to couples that all the elements work alongside each other. Incorporating these little details into the design so they look styled, not so they stand out like you have just picked it for the sake of having it. For example; these flag table numbers below, are designed to work alongside your centrepieces and arrangements so that they become part of the design. 


rustic flag table numbers

Rustic Table Number Flags >>

flag table numbers

Table Number Flags >> 


Couples are seeking more ways to be different with their day and one way of achieving uniqueness is to have something bespoke designed especially for you. Bespoke stationery can be tailored to fit your style and match your colour theme perfectly. It's a way of avoiding having the same as other couples, as when you choose 'off the shelf' it is likely been at lots of other weddings. It matters more these days to couples and they want to give there guests something they have not seen before. I work with couples to create designs or collections just for them to suit there requirements. If you would like more information on this you can read about bespoke design here.

arch table numbers

The importance of stationery in your wedding is not just about making your day prettier. An invitation, sets the scene, delivers the information and gets your guests excited. The purpose of signage and ceremony programs is to help your day flow along nicely and inform guests what you want them to do. Table stationery can elevate your dinning experience, help tell your love story and make your place settings pop. And table plans can help your guests easily find their seat at the reception, show off your fun side and bring your theme alive.

I hope you have enjoyed this topic on the trends in stationery for 2024 and you walk away feeling inspired. If you would like to hear more from me you can join my email list here. I serve up a regular dose on tips and inspiration to help you plan your special events.



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