Small wedding styling tips

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on February 26 2021

With a smaller guest list you will have the funds to make the guest experience and your own all the richer. Here are some areas you could go all out with.
Fun transport
Arrange a fun, cool way to transport your guests between the venues for the ceremony and the reception. It could be a VW camper van, golf carts, a mini bus, canal boat or black cabs. This way you will all arrive in style and it will be so much more fun.
Mix it up
With less guests, it's less people to worry about, so why not mix your day up a bit from the 'usual' why not kick it off in the morning with brunch instead of an evening reception. Or have a twilight ceremony as the sun sets then a late dinner and dancing afterwards.
Get creative
With less guests it gives you the chance to play with certain aspects, to be original. What about arranging your chairs for ceremony in a spiral instead on in straight lines. 
Be more personal
Small weddings naturally feel more intimate so its a chance to add more personal touches that your close family will appreciate. What about photos of your family history, or using family heirlooms such as grandparents old crockery to serve your wedding breakfast or wear a piece of jewellery that has been passed down.
Lounge Area
Creating an area where you can all sit and chill will feel like a luxury. You can really go to town making it comfortable and cosy with rugs, blankets, cushions, and armchairs. This could be a place where you have nibbles or cocktails which will feel indulgent.
Customise everything
With a smaller guest list you will have the time and budget to have everything personalised, from menus, to handwritten notes, to favours which you would have time to make yourself for each individual. 
Splurge on the decor
You can really go for it with the decor as with a small wedding it means you will have less venue and less tables to decorate. Therefore you can choose quality coloured linens and napkins instead of the standard white, you can afford to hire coloured glassware that is all the rage at the moment. You can afford to light those tapered candles that look amazing. If you choose decor that oozes quality you will really bring the wow factor.
Love story
A smaller wedding enables you to focus on the important stuff more, which is your life together, from the moment you met to your future. So this is a great chance to tell your love story. How about creating a video that could play in the background whilst your eating . Display a scrapbook of favourite milestones together.
Eat your favourite food
With fewer guests it will be easier to choose food you love to eat without worrying if everyone will like it. It will be more like a dinner party where you can enjoy sharing grazing platters, and take more time to eat together making it more of an experience. If you want a extravagant meal go fo it! If you fancy a food truck, get one. Having your favourite food is a must!
Hire that band!
Live music is a must for a smaller wedding as it helps create that connection, it will add that special something to the atmosphere and it will feel like you are at your own private show.
You may want lots of games to make it fun, a bouncy castle, a ceilidh lesson, or an artist to draw your wedding live in action. Whatever it may be, you can spoil yourself with some enjoyable treats for everyone to enjoy.
After Party
You will have money in the pot afterwards to throw an after party for your guests. Or you may like to treat your close ones to breakfast the next morning if they are staying over.
As you have had a smaller wedding you may want to go all out on your honeymoon, so this is an area you could go for it and plan your ultimate destination or a tour of several countries. 
As you can see, all is not lost with deciding on a smaller wedding. If anything, it enriches the experience you will have, with the people that matter the most to you both.
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