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Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on October 12 2023

Plants are a fantastic alternative for decorating your wedding venue. Perfect if you are looking for a modern approach to styling your space, or if you are looking for a way to be more sustainable with your wedding choices. You may just prefer the look of plants and this feels more like you, especially if you are not a huge fan of traditional flowers and you feel more at home with lots of greenery around you. 
This is my preferred way of styling a wedding as I love a more natural, laid back vibe and I think plants help create this super easily in your space. The great thing about them, is that because there are so many varieties of plants out there to choose from, this really does open to door for creativity with them. Allowing you to create your own style with the types of plants you choose. From plants that have tropical vibes to help you create a lush oasis, to sweet succulents helping to create a garden setting. So it really does depend what style of wedding you want to create, so you know which plants to choose for that.
Today I am sharing some inspiration on where you can add plants in your venue, to help you bring it to life. 

Welcome Area

Greet your guests with the theme of plants straight away with plants lined up down the aisle or place them near your welcome area to make it feel warm and inviting. It will help you set the tone immediately. You want to create the same feeling like when you walk into someone's home, if there are plants around you, you feel welcomed and the surrounds feel fresh. Whether you are getting married outdoors or indoors it will help you tie in the natural surroundings too.

welcome chalkboard sign

Table Plan

Plants look great grouped together to create more interest. Here I have popped a selection of grasses and ferns in some vintage wooden crates to help bring the ribbon table plan alive. The lush greenery really helps add interest and a vibe and would feel empty without them there.

ribbon table plan display


Plants look amazing on the tables in either terracotta pots or coloured plant pots of your choice, depending on the look you are going for. You could use any small house plants such as succulents, cactus's or even herbs to help you decorate. There is something more earthy and natural you receive from using plants, so if this is the vibe you are going for, you will really love this type of look.

succulents wedding table

tropical wedding table

This next idea you will love as it's a total game changer!

Indoor and outdoor plants don't just have to be used as a whole, so remembering that you can snip the leaves off of the plants to help you create a different look in bud vases for example, will give you more exciting options to be creative. I use lots of plants and grasses in my garden to get playful and create a different look with the greenery I have at my finger tips. 

greenery in coloured glass bud vases
wedding greenery and disco balls

Place Settings

 If you are going for a strong theme and you want everything to tie in with the botanical look you may want to add them in some way to the smaller details, such as your napkins.You can get hold of patterned napkins in botanical designs to help you bring more life onto your plates, like I have done below.

plant leaves napkin place setting


Another way of tying in your plant theme is to incorporate them in your stationery. Using designs with leaves on to give a botanical look can be use to set the tone with invitations to guests, or to and add fun to menus and place cards. It helps you achieve a cohesive theme throughout your whole design.

tropical wedding invitations

Tropical Invitations

Ceiling Decor & Backdrops

Using plant leaves is also another fantastic way to style your space. This is where tropical leaves like tree ferns and fan palms really come into their own as there are great from making structural pieces.

tropocal leaves wedding ceiling decoartions

tropical leaves wedding backdrop

Display Areas

As well as the main areas of your venue, you can also add plants to your display areas, you may be having some signage that needs something extra to liven it up or your may need some decor for an empty corner. Tall plants work particularly well for this scenario or popping a few at different heights will add interest.

wedding dancefloor sign with disco balls

wooden crates and plants for wedding decor

Final Note: 

As you can clearly see from the ideas above, plants can be used in all your key areas to help you style out your venue space. They offer a different way of styling, which is modern and less traditional. They are for couples who love greenery and want to be different from the traditions.The trend for more greenery is growing for weddings heading into 2024-2025, and I can't wait to help couples who love this alternative look to help create there own plant haven.

If you would like some help styling your wedding with plants you can read more about my styling services here >>

I offer plant hire as part of my services, and the collection is always growing, so if plants are your thing I'd love to hear from you!


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