Is a micro wedding right for you?

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on February 22 2021

We have seen significant rise in micro weddings taking place, for some couples this was what they always wanted to have, others have had to change their plans to be able to go ahead with getting married and scale down there original concept. Some are happy to wait till they can get married the way they originally planned, but this new trend is set to stay as more couples embrace the idea and are enjoying this new type of wedding day.
The common factors to deciding on having a micro wedding usually involve budget, location and the number of guests. To help determine whether a micro wedding is for you, see if you relate to any of the below.
You're totally ok with not having everyone you know there
Whilst a micro wedding has lots of plus points, it will mean you can only invite your closet family and friends to join you. If you feel totally fine about that then go right ahead and get planning.
You're having a destination wedding
If you are getting married in a different country the destination may be suited better to a smaller group. Some treat this as a holiday with there nearest and dearest. It may work out better for accommodation and group activities to invite a certain number of guests along. 
You're hoping to minimise the cost
You may not have the budget or you may not be happy spending that much on your wedding day, therefore a large wedding feels totally the opposite to what will make you happy. 
You want to spend quality time with your guests
Less guests will mean you get to spend more quailty time with the ones that are there, creating more intimate conversations and meaningful moments.
You find large weddings overwhelming
If you don't want to be in the spotlight all day or you dread saying "I do" in front of a hundred people then a smaller wedding will certainly take that pressure off.
You're after a eco-friendly wedding
With more couples taking the environment into consideration, a micro wedding is the perfect choice to keep your carbon footprint down. Less guests means less travel, less food waste, and less water used.



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