How to use Pinterest to plan your wedding

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on March 30 2020

So I have a confession.. I absolutely love Pinterest! I love using it and I love to talk about it! Pinterest has been around since 2009 and came into my life not long after that. Back then I used it like everyone else and pinned everything I loved mainly for crafting projects I wanted to try myself. It soon became my go to place for inspiration as in 2013 I started to plan our wedding day. This fun app was now turning into a visual organisation tool.
Pinterest is so much more than pretty pictures, it is a great place to find ideas and inspiration, learn diy skills that will help you create wedding decorations, communicate with your suppliers and help define your dream vision.
It is a place where the inspiration is endless and the best part is it is absolutely free to use!
It can take a bit of practice when using the app to fine tune the best way to organise your ideas. I know when I started I just pinned to my hearts content and then had a ton of ideas to sift through every time I wanted to find something! Not ideal! We do not have the time for that when planning our wedding! So that's why I am here to help you simplify and not make the same mistake!
Most couples are using Pinterest to look for inspiration, and it's amazing right? 
The only downside that you can experience through using Pinterest when looking for wedding ideas is 'overwhelm' and we have all experienced that at some point of the planning process, haven't we?
So I am here to talk about how to use Pinterest for your wedding planning to help you stay on track.

Let's get started!

Once you have created an account which is super easy, all you need to do is sign up with your name and an email address. Now your ready to start!
It's a good approach to think of Pinterest like your filing cabinet, a word of advice is to not over fill it, have fun but be selective about your choices.

Create separate boards

The best way to stay organised on Pinterest is to create separate boards that help you categorise your wedding pins, just like a filing cabinet! This way when are searching for something you'll know just where to look.
Keep in mind it is entirely up to you how many boards you have, we all organise differently, so what works for one will not for another. Some of you may want to create boards for every single category so it is easier to digest when scrolling back through your ideas. Others may want to create more of an overview by grouping more categories together. Whatever works best for you is fine. My advice is to take a moment to consider all the different elements of the day and think about how you want to digest the information once your referring back to it.
If you only have one board for 'wedding ideas' consider how this will feel after you have pinned hundreds of images to it. Of course it is going to feel un organised and confused, meaning you will end up going round in circles as you can't see a clear vision or you can't communicate it to anyone else either.
I have come up with a few example boards for you and what you may pin in them.

Board Title - Wedding Planning

Pin wedding advice, tips and tricks, diy step by step tutorials and blog posts. 

Board Title - Style, Colours & Theme

Pin colours you are drawn to, style you want to create, time of year you love, things you love about other weddings which will help create a feeling you want to replicate. These pins do not have to all be related to weddings, for example, if you like the colour of a chair, then pin it as you may love it for your wedding flowers.

Board Title - Wedding Attire 

dress inspiration, bridal accessories, suits, shoes, hair and make-up.

Board Title - Floral Inspiration 

Pin flowers you like, floral displays, foliage, table decor and bridal bouquets.

And so on..

One way to divide them into categories is to use the 'sections' featured inside a board.

Finding your dream pins

Now you have your boards set up and they are empty, now what!? You could just type in 'wedding ideas' but this is a bit broad and will bring up all sorts and you could end up searching for ages and not find what you want. Try searching more along the lines of what you are 'really' looking for, like 'colourful weddings' or 'organic table decor' this will reduce your time looking. The great thing is, once it's found the results, it suggests lots of other pins like it that will show up so you'll be spoiled for choice!

Write notes with pins

A step lots of couples miss out, if you had a thought or idea about a particular pin, just assume you won't remember it, write a note in the pin about why you pinned it. It may be a non-related wedding pin therefore even more important to write why you saved it. It maybe a colour of a cushion that you would like to incorporate in your bridal bouquet. Or it may be a table scape you have saved but your only liked the candle style in the photo. Making a note will be so valuable in the long run!

Decide who to follow

As with instagram and facebook you can follow people and business's. Be selective about who you follow. They are going to show up in your feed so you want their content to align with the style you like.

Start to streamline

After you have merrily pinned away, you will begin to see a theme emerging with your images, which is great news. This will enable you to stay on track with your choices. After you have booked your the main elements like your venue you may want to streamline those boards as you may be able to decide better what will fit. So you may then want to create a 'new separate board' to move these pins to establish what your final choices are. A benefit of doing so allows you to communicate with your suppliers what you are after. And for yourself, if you find you have a decision to make about something, you can look at your boards and ask yourself 'does this align with my style?'
If you would like some help narrowing down your choices and commit to a style, I can help you with this, to find out how click here >>>
Connect with suppliers
Pinterest is great for finding suppliers, you may want to follow boards and people who are in your area. Wedding planners and stylists often use Pinterest to communicate with their couples to help them understand what they are after for their day. In this case Pinterest gives you the chance to share boards.
Final Tip
One last tip on using Pinterest for planning your wedding. If you already use the app to pin other inspiration like home, crafts, recipes etc, you may want to consider signing up with a separate email address, just for wedding ideas. This way you can start a fresh, so it feels more manageable and you will avoid getting distracted when going on the platform to pin.
I do hope these top tips on taking control with using Pinterest to plan your wedding will be super helpful. 


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