How to unlock your wedding vision

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on October 09 2020

So the engagement ring is finally on your finger and you have been steaming ahead with ideas for your big day, only you've hit a wall when you realise there are so many things to do and so many decisions to make. You maybe struggling to know what to do first and how you are going to answer all your questions that you have now and as you go along. 
Firstly don't worry this is totally normal to feel overwhelmed with it all. It's an exciting time so of course you can't wait to get going with it all. My best advice I give to couples when they are starting to plan, is not to look on Pinterest at least until you know what you are actually looking for. 
To find your vision for your wedding you need to think about the whole experience. So, my advice is for you to start at the very beginning. Follow these 5 steps to set you up for unlocking your vision and dreams.
Begin with a plan
Begin with what is most important to both of you. What do you want your day feel like? Do you want it feel fun, romantic, full of traditions or one big party?
A great exercise is to play your day out in your head, from start to finish. It may sound silly but it may just unlock some great insights to what is actually important to each of you. When your getting ready in the morning who will be there, what will they say to you? Do this to each part of the day right through to the evening and see what you discover.
If this exercise is a scary prospect, try looking at it from a different angle. Think about what you don't want instead. Perhaps you cringe at the thought of having speeches, or your dreading the idea of a first dance or you don't like the thought of a formal sit down dinner. By thinking about the no no's you can start to get a picture of what the alternatives could be.
If you would like some help with working out your vision, I can help 🙋🏻‍♀️. I am a qualified wedding stylist who can help bring your vision t life. We can chat about colours, styles and how to create a wedding that suits you.

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Learn from others
We have all been to a wedding or a party at some point, some were amazing and some not so good! But think about what it was about them that you remember and absolutely loved. Was it the food, the music, the atmosphere? What you noticed and remembered about them is a key indication of what you find important, so you can make sure to include those things in your own day.
What will your guests say?
Imagine a guest of yours is talking to a friend after your wedding and is telling them all about it. Think about what you would want them to say. You can use this insight to aim for this description. I'm guessing it would sound something like this, "Oh my god, it was amazing, everything was so well thought out, it really suited them, I had the best time, best wedding I've ever been to!" They would be raving so much, the friend who they are telling will be wishing they could of been there too! So think about the experience you want them to have and memories you want them to make. Speaking from my own experience, it is really interesting hearing your guests comments on your wedding afterwards. It really is the least expected things that they noticed! 
The planning process
Before you dive in head first into planning mode, take a minute to think about how you want the planning process to be. Do you want to have total control and plan it all yourself? Do you want to spilt tasks between the both of you and family and friends to help? Do you need the help from a professional in certain areas? Or do you want to get really creative and be hands on and create unique touches or do you need someone on board who can help you with that?
Gather Ideas
Here are a few vision boards to help you get an idea how you could use pictures and key words to best describe your day so it helps give you a clear direction to head in. Print yours out and keep it where you will look everyday, so it reminds you of what you want your day to be like, and what is super important to you. This way you will be less likely to be swayed by the latest trends and what you see online.



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