How to style your wedding like a pro

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on May 28 2021

When it comes to styling your wedding you either have a clear vision to run with, and you manage to stay laser focussed. Or you have got no idea where on earth to start. You may even be somewhere in between. Maybe you have made a start and you have already selected different elements, such as the colour palette or the bridesmaid dresses but you're struggling to know what to do next so that it all works together. 
If this is you, get ready for a crash course in wedding styling! As I am revealing  the secrets below on how you can style your wedding like a professional. You need to think about the key elements that will work well with each other to make a wedding style come together.
Your wedding style will be determined by your favourite things such as colours you love, decor you want to incorporate and focal points that are important to you. The atmosphere you are trying to create is also a big influence on the style.
Wedding styling can certainly be a challenge when you don't know what you are doing, so taking time to do some research will help, before you dive in. 
My advice for having a clearer idea of your style is to stay away from Pinterest in the very beginning stages. It's so important to work out your own style as a couple first, before you take on everyone else ideas. It is all to easy to type in the search bar of Pinterest 'wedding ideas' and get lost in the sea of pretty pictures, thinking to yourself how much you like everything. This will just make you feel confused and your won't be able to pin point a style easily.

So let's dive in to it...

Wedding Colours
Choosing colours for your wedding is the best place to begin. It forms the basis for all the other decisions to be made. It's important to choose colours that you like and would normally be drawn to, and thinking about what colours compliment each other side by side. 
Figuring out your vibe will help you pick colours too. If you are going for something more romantic and dreamy you would be better choosing softer, pastel tones. If you want a warm cosy atmosphere, the warmer tones will work better. If you want a bright and happy feeling, vibrant colours such as yellows and oranges would be great. Colours tap into your emotions too, so give it a bit of thought when deciding. Figuring out how you want your whole day to feel and how you want your guests to feel, will help you so much when deciding.

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Wedding Theme
The word 'theme' can sound a little cringe at first, this is because at lot of couples  think it means to have a theme it must be a full blown Disney wonderland or everything needs relate to travel for example. If that is your jam then go for it, but the word theme just means the setting for your love story. 
It's more about adding subtle touches in your choices that will reflect the things you like. For example you may like to use the film Beauty and the Beast for inspiration. So a subtle touch would be using roses for your flower choice. Or adding a pile of books as your centre piece.
It doesn't have to be influenced by a book or a film or a place. It could just be the overall vibe you want to create. For example, if you want it to be inspired by nature as you love the outdoors, you may want to include lots of greenery. 
By having a theme, it just gives you more of a guide as to what your trying to achieve. 

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The decor you choose will help determine the style of your wedding. Firstly if you have chosen your venue, find out what they already have to work with. Decor items can really add up when needed multiply times if you are hiring them as an extra, so be sure do work out your budget on your decorations first. 
When deciding on decor items it is so easy to fall into the trap of becoming a magpie, because you like something that is pretty and shiny! Knowing your style with help you to steer clear of potential costly mistakes. You want to make sure all the decor you choose works together and is the same style. Also when choosing anything metallic it is super important to know the difference between them,  copper has a more orangery tone to it, rose gold has an underlying pinky tone, and there are lots of different gold tones and bronze colours. You'd be surprised how the subtle difference can make everything clash!
Also think about whether the size and shape of your decor pieces fit with your style. You don't want to overpower your wedding look and style. A handy tip is to use the rule of three for grouping items as this is more pleasing on the eye. Centrepieces should be below or above eye level, to avoid decor from being in the guests faces as they will want to see each other.

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And please don't panic buy towards the end!! It's a classic mistake couples make. If you have put the time in at the beginning and planned it out it will save all the stress that couples experience towards the finish line. 
When choosing flowers or foliage think about the season your wedding is in. To match your style, consider the colours of them and the sizes. Make sure to get your prices, as the larger the flower the less stems you will need as it will give a fuller arrangement. This can save you a lot of money, which is why bigger flowers like hydrangea's work out more cost effective. 
I hope this has given you some useful tips on choosing your wedding style. I know there is a lot to think about, but I honestly believe if you start with a plan by considering all the above, it will help you make faster better decisions so you are not wasting time, energy and money on stuff you don't need.
If you would like more help with choosing a wedding style that suits you as a couple, or maybe you need help with deciding what colours work well together.

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