How to enjoy your wedding in 2021

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on February 12 2021

If your wedding is planned for 2021 you may have been toying with the idea of having a smaller wedding day, in order to be able go ahead with your marriage in the current climate. It may not be what you originally had in mind, but adapting to this new trend has got so many plus points to it. Just because your day would be scaled down doesn’t mean it won’t be special. Allowing yourselves to be flexible, will enable to you to enjoy it all more and reduce those anxiety levels of yours which essentially is the goal.

Personally I love the new trends which have emerged from 2020, planning a smaller wedding means you can focus on what really matters to the both of you, without all the pressure that a larger wedding can bring. Remember, the simple things in life are the sweetest.


Let's take a closer look at how you can celebrate your wedding in 2021.

The Pintimate Wedding

The biggest trend to emerge in the wedding industry is what they are calling a 'Pintimate wedding' which means personalised and intimate. The industry has had to pivot to adapt to the current climate and help couples to achieve a day of their dreams. For some couples they are choosing to postpone their day, but for others they want to go ahead as best they can. So couples are opting for a more relaxed vibe with 30 guests or under, depending on the restrictions. The great thing about having a Pintimate wedding is, they are focussed more on the guest experience, which I love. They pay more attention to the smaller details and can be more extravagant with the budget per head for the wedding meal.
The Sequel Wedding
Another trend that we are seeing, is the 'wed now, party later' approach. Naturally this trend has emerged due to the global pandemic. But this way the couple get to say there vows with their nearest and dearest with a micro wedding and then in the future they can hold the best party ever with all their guests, when they are able to celebrate.
Returning to our Roots
Before the pandemic, weddings were beginning to see a shift with how couples want to celebrate, but the trend has sped up rapidly due to restrictions. More and more couples were starting to ditch the large guests numbers and the 'more is more' mentality. Instead couples are craving more intimacy and meaning to their wedding day, focussing more on the marriage itself, and celebrating with those that matter to them the most. Couples are wanting to play out their love story in a meaningful setting with their own personal touches. And it's all about the guest experience, inviting them to a day that is fill with there own stamp on it by showing them something new.

Other trends to look out for

Virtual planning & booking will continue
You will be able to tour venues online, and chat to wedding suppliers via zoom. You can easily book appointments to chat to planners and stylists to help you plan your day. With many of us craving more social interaction, chatting to wedding suppliers with video calls is more popular than ever.If you would like to discuss your wedding stationery options in a bit more detail I offer free video calls to chat in more detail, you can contact me here about it.
Comfort food
We all love a bit of comfort food, especially at the moment. Good hearty food is what your guests want to tuck into to. Guests want a new experience so give them something quirky to try.
Extravagant Gifts
Less guests means more budget to spend on them. Treat them to a special gift to remember your day, or what about an individual wedding cake in there very own box to take home.
Alternative entertainment
As an alternative to dancing, we are seeing couples seeking out more creative ways to entertain their guests. What about a an illusionist or exotic animals give an interactive experience. 
We are certainly in a new era where weddings are being influenced in obvious ways. Couples are looking at ways they can have a more eco-conscious day. Things like tree planting have become more popular.
I hope you enjoyed the emerging trends, and you can find a way to incorporate them into your own day.
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