How to create a wedding inspiration board

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on May 06 2021

Before you delve too deep into wedding planning, it's really important to take some time to establish your vision for your wedding. One of the ways to do this is  by creating yourself an inspiration board. This will save you so much time and energy in the long run, so you have to trust me on this! This visual aid will be something that will keep you focussed and you can show it to your wedding suppliers, such as your stationer designer, planner, and cake decorator so they know exactly what your wedding style is.
Planning a wedding can feel overwhelming at times, but I can say for certain that having an inspiration board for you to refer to all the time gives you a visual road map to follow to help you stay on track.
If you and your partner are not clear with what your wedding style is, then this exercise can really help you to make your choices which suit you as a couple.
Finding inspiration
Finding inspiration whether it is online or physically printed out is the first thing you want to do. Wedding magazines are a great thing to flick through and cut out your favourite ideas. Use other magazines that inspire you too like home decor or fashion books. Once you have enough you can clip them to a notice board where you can see it everyday.
For even more ideas, take your search online, the best place to look is Pinterest. It's really easy to set up an account and you can be pinning your favourites to a board in no time. The key, is to be really pacific with your search, other wise it is an endless sea of everything. Be warned it could take you down a rabbit hole!! I have separate boards for different catorgories that you can take ideas from and pin to your own board, such as rustic wedding ideas,  wedding table decorations or wedding favours.


Wedding blogs are also a great source for you to find inspiration from, and you can pin straight from their website, just look for the 'P' in the top corner of their photos, and you can add it to your own wedding board. Here is a list of some of my favourites to look at for ideas.

Rock my Wedding

Unique Rebels Union

Green Wedding Shoes

Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Keep on open mind when looking for ideas, just collect as much as you can of the things you like the most.

Time to Simplify

Once you have a ton of ideas, its now time to take a step back and look at what you have collected. Chances are, you will start to see a regular theme emerging. Is there a lot of one colour you have chosen? What kind of materials keep coming up? You may see lots of gold touches in the pictures, the wedding dresses you have selected may have lots of lace on them. Really look at the similarities in the details. 

If something doesn't feel like it fits in with the overall theme, then just eliminate it. Your aiming for enough images to represent all the areas that are key factors in bringing your day to life. (such as the dress, cake, mood, colour, decor)

Then you can start to put together an inspiration board with just a few of those images so this gives you a guide to follow every time you have a decision to make about the wedding.


Here are some inspiration boards to give you an idea of what you are aiming for.




 Finding your style is the very first piece of the puzzle to make the rest of wedding planning enjoyable and easier. If you are finding it a challenge and don't even know where to start, and you need some help figuring out your vision, then I am a wedding stylist that would love to help you bring it to life and hear about your ideas so you have a clear direction to head in.

You can read more about it here >>>

 It may just be what you need to kickstart your exciting plans!!



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