5 tips to help you choose your wedding colours

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on November 06 2020

For some couples, choosing colours for your wedding is super easy as you have a favourite colour you are going to use as a starting point. For others you and your partner might be like chalk and cheese and can't agree on one, let alone two or three to make a nice palette!
I have five super helpful tips to help you figure it out.
What are you drawn to?
What colours catch your eye the most? Are they bright and cheerful, are they neutral and earthy? Or are they dark and moody? What colours in your home or wardrobe do you tend to go for?
Start with one item
You may want to use a family heirloom for inspiration, a pair of shoes you must wear on the day, or your chosen wedding invites. Start to base your colour palette around this and build it from there.
Think about the season
The time of year plays a huge part in colour selection for your wedding. The tone of colour is important to get right. For example if your getting married in the summer and you like the colour orange, you may want to use a bright orange, where as in the autumn you may want to use a burnt orange to keep with the time of year.
How many colours to use?
Unfortunately there's no one answer to this, it really depends on your overall look and feel of the day. If you are not confident with colour, a maximum of three that work well with each other is maybe best to stick to. If you are more adventurous than up to five colours can look amazing together. 
Hire an expert
It can be really hard figuring out what colours go together, especially when you want it to align with your style as well. So instead of worrying that what you choose won't look great, you may decide to work with a wedding stylist and let them help you bring your ideas to life with mood boards so that you can easily visualise what your day would look and feel like.

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