11 Ways on how you can make your wedding fun for your guests

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on July 13 2020

So, you're planning your wedding and one of your main priorities is to make sure it is fun for you and your guests to enjoy. Spending some time considering how you want your day to feel is a very thoughtful thing to do, as if your guests are enjoying themselves as the day flows, you will have a better wedding day for sure. You want your guests to remember your day fondly and reminisce about how much they enjoyed it. I am sharing some fantastic ideas in this blog post and a helpful video, to help your day come alive with lots of personality and create that special fun feeling. So let's dive straight into what they are.

Pick a Fun Theme

If you want your wedding day to be full of fun, it could start with picking a fun theme for it, so that you create a vibe that aligns perfectly. For example; a festival style wedding with lots of colour, quirky decor and garden games is going to help you set the scene for having lots of fun. It has energy, with a casual atmosphere where guests can feel at ease. A tropical theme is a fun, bold style to play with that you could transport your guests into an oasis for the day. Adding fun tropical plants, disco balls and pops of colour will create a world to enter that makes them forget about everything else, allowing them to get lost in the details. Its all about choosing a theme and using decorations that ooze the fun factor.

tropical theme in a marquee

If you would like some help bringing a fun vision to life for your event, this is all part of my styling services, which you can read more about here >>

Confetti Toss Station

Setting up an interactive confetti station, where your guests can fill their own cones ready for your exit as newlyweds. Guests love a bit of playfulness so make it a unique display. It will create a fun moment in your wedding and you will get those fun confetti shots as you walk between your guests.

I have a great idea to help you make a fun confetti station with these self assemble confetti cones. Below is a step by step video to help you create them using the Diy Kit  from my shop.

You can purchase the Confetti Cone Kit here >

A Fun Creative Table Plan

Getting creative with your table plan gives you a chance to add an element of fun. It's one of the first touch points when your guests enter the reception area they will be greeted by this, so it's a chance to grab their attention. You could make your table plan really stand out with fun ideas for displaying your guests names, or you could make it interactive so you guests have to find their name in a creative way. It's really fun if it's your own idea that they won't of seen before. Here are a few fun suggestions below.


A fun patterned background to display your table plan cards on will help them pop, fit with your theme and give your guests something interesting to look at. Helping you make this practical area more fun.

Tropical Table Plan Cards >>

ribbon table plan

Using ribbon is another fun idea which you can attach table plan cards from, making a unique display that catches the eye as they move in the breeze. Any of my cards can be used to create something similar.

Table plan designs here >>

Ladders are also a fantastic fun way to display your table plan, they allow you to play with vases, buckets, bottles and pots filled with plants or flowers on each step. Tie your table plan tags around them for a different interesting look. It will make it really fun for your guests to find their seat.


If you are into nature, using branches to help display your table plan is fun idea and looks very effective and whimsical. I sell lots of table plan tag options in different designs which you check at here >>


Photo Booth

Photo booth's are an incredible way of adding fun to your wedding reception. You can hire amazing backdrops like this one, which I offer to my wedding couples, to create a fun area. By adding lots of fun props of your choice you can get your guests to act a little silly in front of it for the camera. Your guests will absolutely love it! You could even add personalised wooden signage to help it really come alive. I offer this bespoke service so you can have something especially made for your own photo booth backdrop, matching your colour scheme. You can read more about it here >>

photo wall greenery

Fun Signage

Give your guests something to talk about, and wow them with your signage. Making the entrance fun and unique will make them buzzing with excitement to see what else is in store. Give them something unexpected like styling up your dance floor area with fun signage, like this fabric sign below that  you can hire for your wedding day. 

Check out the Dance Floor Sign in more detail >>

Chalkboard signs are very fun as you can write your own messaging and add illustrations to bring it to life. I offer a lettering service for events which you can read more about here >>

chalkboard signage

Fun Decorations

A big way to add some fun into your wedding is to choose decor that oozes the fun vibes. I am talking disco balls, which can be used in many different ways in your design. Whether it is on your place settings to add extra fun details. Pop on the middle of your tables for decoration, hanging from the ceiling above the dance floor for partying or used as fun photo props to use in a photo booth area. Using coloured glassware to your tables will inject a sense of fun. Adding fun lighting to your venue, especially neon lights and edison bulbs.

amber coloured vases on wedding table tropical theme

edison love light bulb

disco balls hanging from the ceiling in a marquee


Drinks Station

Creating a drinks station for your thirsty guests is such a fun idea. You could set up an area where your guests can either serve themselves, which works well if your diying your own wedding. You could use buckets with ice to keep beers cold. Or you can have servers to make sure everyone has a drink on arrival. If you have a bar at the venue why not jazz it up and make it your own with your choice of favourite cocktails, or signature drinks for your guests to try something new. Don't forget about the little details to entice your guests in with signage to show them what's on offer and drink straws popped in their glass for an extra fun twist. I offer personalised drink straws if you are styling glasses on the tables, or you can personalise with your wedding date and married name.


Personalised Drink Straws >>

straw flags tropical for drinks station wedding event


Add fun signage to make your drinks station come to life. You can find this foiled fern design here >>

cocktail drinks menu for tropical event

Feasting Menus

Couples are steering away from the traditional food choices and being a bit more adventurous when it comes to deciding on a menu that will make their day more fun. Couples also want to eat the food they love as it brings out there love story and personalities. Couples are craving experiences and guests love trying new things. Feasting menus and grazing tables have become very popular indeed. As well as it being a fun feast to indulge in, it is also a more sociable way of dining. Long banquet tables are the preferred choice for an informal sit down meal and this is why. Couples want to relax and enjoy dinner with their guests with a leisurely feast.

I provide lots of design options with my collection of menus to help you present your feast to your guests. You can find them all here >>

feasting menu for wedding botanical design with fern leaves

This tropical design is perfect for a fun dinner party, you can find it here >>

Unique Exits

Another way of adding fun into your day, is a creating fun exit moment. This could be a sparkler send off, I love these as the photos in the dark are so magical and add a different vibe to the evening reception. I sell sparkler tags to add to your bucket of sparklers for guests to grab. Informing them what time they need to gather for the moment. You can find them here >>
black and white sparkler tags for wedding exit

Fun Stationery

I think you can also add lots of fun with your stationery pieces. Some times it's in the smaller details that can bring a sense of excitement and complete an overall vibe. In order to start the fun early and help set the tone, you are going to need a fun invitation, a fun design with the appropriate wording to let your guests know what to expect is essential for building the energy. I have many fun designs in my shop for you to send your guests.


A fun fern leaf pattern save the date will help you set a fun, warm vibe.

save the date tropical leaves

A fold out wedding invitation will add fun to your guests experience when they open the envelope. Complete the feeling with a designed insert to complete the theme.
woodland wedding invitation gold and brown fold out
Add fun table number flags to your centrepieces to incorporate them into your table design. This adds a fun decor feature. You can find these rustic style flags here >>
table number flags rustic

Adding some pattern to your plain napkins is a really fun addition. If you're not planning on creating a table plan meaning your guests can sit where they like at your reception, this is a fun alternative option. You can find this fern leaf design here and other fun options here if you love a bit of personalisation.

fern leaf pattern napkin wraps

Fun Dessert Display

Arranging your wedding cake, cupcakes, cookies, or an array of desserts so that it's fun and inviting for your guests to go up to, is an area you can really pull out all the stops. It can be fun and interactive meaning guests can choose from a selection and serve themselves. I think this adds to the fun because guests love choice and who doesn't want to go up twice with it comes to dessert time! You can make it a feast for there eyes making a fun area to be at. Children will love choosing from the fun selection.


I hope you enjoyed these fun ideas and use some of these in your day to bring the fun factor alive!!

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