How to Decorate a Blank Canvas

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on September 13 2020

If you are thinking of choosing a blank canvas for your wedding venue, this could be an outdoor marquee, a rustic barn, a village hall, or your back garden, you are very likely to be decorating the venue yourself. Whilst the prospect is exciting, to be able to make the space your own, it is also a very large task to undertake. 
I know because I am coming from a place of experience in this area! 
 I know first hand what challenges you will be facing so I am here to help.
Why a Blank Canvas?
It's important to know why your are drawn to the venue in the first place. Does having a big project excite you and you have lots of ideas for it? Will the venue suit what you are trying to achieve?
One of the things to remember is this a huge project, much bigger than when you have a venue that is already set up for weddings.
Research Venues
If you want the vibe of a venue that is not traditional, but your don't fancy all the hard work, then there are lots of places that are set up for weddings but will provide help along side it. It is worth looking into, as different venues will offer their own services. For example, some may have in house caterers, therefore you would want to check they are your cup of tea before making a decision.
Take it from someone who knows from experience, when I say don't make the mistake of thinking you can do it all yourself. There is ALOT to do when organising a blank canvas venue never mind decorating one! Most couples underestimate the time and effort it takes. I would advise hiring a wedding stylist to help turn your ideas into a reality. Eliminating as much stress for you so you can enjoy the process more, and you won't feel disappointed with the outcome if you don't pull it off. If hiring a stylist to set up for you is not in your budget, I offer a styling service which is tailored to you, which includes set up tips for decorating your venue so it makes it more manageable. 

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Plan your Budget
Some decide on a blank canvas venue because they think it is the more affordable option. But it is really important to remember to factor in things like, toilets, furniture, marquee hire, and generators for power. 
What's Included?
When looking around blank canvas venues remembering to find out what's included is super important. That's where hidden costs could start mounting up. Does the venue include tables and chairs? Will you have use of the bar? Things like that?
It's important when viewing these types of venues to remember to ask the right questions. You cannot rely on the owner to remember to tell you everything. Be prepared for what you need to find out.
Having a plan is essential when it comes to decorating the empty space. You can still keep keep costs down by focussing on key areas that are most important to you. The venue may have some key features that you would like to enhance with decorations. Remember to take into consideration the size of the venue and the height of ceilings. If this sound overwhelming to you, this is where hiring a wedding stylist will really help you.
Plan Ahead
If your planning on decorating the venue yourself, think about how much time you will actually have to decorate and get it ready before the wedding. The venue may be used for other things, therefore you will need to check it is available the day before the wedding or at very least the morning before you get married. This will determine how much you will be able to get done with decoration. Don't under estimated how long it will take, things always take longer than you think, and you have to allow for any hiccups that could occur.
Make Lists
Trying to remember everything you need to do as you plan is a big mistake, make sure you write it down to stay organised. It's vital that you need to know, what to do next, who to phone, and what you will need. If you forget something the whole thing could fall apart and you wouldn't want that disappointment. There are lots of logistics to think about to be able to make your event happen smoothly, so the pro tip I like to use, is to walk through your whole day in your head and think about what you need to make it possible.
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Embrace it 

You will only get to do this once so make sure you enjoy it. A blank canvas is a fantastic opportunity to make your wedding day unique and personal to you. The more thought you put into it the more you will get out of it, and you will give your guests an experience they will remember forever.

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