What to include on your reply cards

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on June 03 2021

Including an rsvp card is the easiest way to keep track of which guests are coming to the wedding. It may seem a bit old fashioned in the high tech world we live in, but on a rsvp card you easily gather that important information.
It's great to add meal choices, dietary requirements, and song suggestions all in one place, gathering more useful information for you.
When to send them
It is a good idea to order your rsvp cards when you choose your wedding invitations so it matches the style. You can add the card inside with an envelope with a stamp attached, for the guests to post back to you.
What should you include
Make sure your rsvp card is really clear at what you need your guests to fill in. The easier it is to fill in, the more likely they will do it straight away, so keep that in mind. It is important to leave space for the guests to include their names to let you know who it is from. And have a tick box for if they can attend and a tick box for if they are unable to come. Include the date you need a reply by and the address they need to send it to.
What extras to include
While you are at it and if you have the space to include it, this is a great chance to include some extra details for your guests to fill in. How about including a space for guests dietary requirements or maybe a section for song sugguestions. Then once received back you can add these notes to your planner for later.
You may like to use the rsvp card to direct guests to your wedding website where there will be a place to reply. Or you may want guests to email or text you there reply. 
When to receive them back
It is advisable to make sure the guests reply 1-2 months before the wedding day. This will allow you plenty of time to organise your table plan, get your menus and place cards created and chase any guests who have not responded to you.
Staying organised
Once you start collecting your rsvp cards, it is important to keep them somewhere safe. It is advisable to create a spreadsheet on the computer to record all the responses so you know who has replied and who you are waiting for. 
I would not to throw them away, just incase you have computer issues though!

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