What makes a great wedding design

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on March 14 2023

If you are dying to know what makes a great wedding design then you are in the right place. Today I am sharing 6 key ingredients that will help take a design from just nice to wow factor results.



The right choice in venue

Deciding on the right venue is the first step to an amazing design. If you don't choose the correct venue for the type of day you want to have, everything could all look and feel out of place. Taking some time to consider what kind of vibe you want for your day and what kind of style you want, will make sure you pick a venue that compliments it. For example; if you want something informal, rustic and relaxed, you won't want to choose a high end hotel with luxury finishes, as this will be conflicting in the design process.


Great Colour Palette

Choosing colours that are pleasing to the eye and that compliment your venue will make or break a design. You want your colour palette to go nicely with the surroundings so that everything feels right. You don't want to choose colours that will clash with the colours of the venue, you want it to all feel pleasing, so nothing stands out for the wrong reasons.


Cohesive Design

In order to achieve a great design, each element has to repeat itself throughout your wedding. So when we are talking about colours, style, decor and vibe it all has to go together, so it looks like it's from the same day. So for example; your colour palette will run through your flowers, dresses, stationery & linens. The decor you choose will be made from the same materials. And your atmosphere will be consisted throughout the ceremony right through to the evening.


Personal Details

Another key ingredient to a great design is adding your personal details. Personalisation is key to making the day your own. You can do this with a number of touch points, whether it is a motif on your invitations or naming your tables after your favourite movies. These are the things that make your day feel extra special.

Tell your Love Story

Great design is also about telling your love story. Taking your guests on a journey with you, right from the ceremony to the evening reception. From how you welcome your guests, to how they find their seat, to what favour you give them at dinner and what food you eat. Your love story is what you need to base your design around which will make your day unique. I think a great wedding design is when your guests utter those magic words when they are at your wedding, they look around and say 'this is so them.'  If you put your personalities into your day and share your love story with them, that is what a great design will be.


Working with a Pro

Of course if you really want a knock out design to wow your wedding guests, then you can't beat working with a designer and stylist like myself. We do this for a living, creating weddings day in and day out. Working with someone who has creative ideas, a keen eye for detail and the problem solving skills you will require to create a memorable design will only enhance the ideas you already have and help you take it all to the next level.


If you would like some help with your wedding design then you can check out my wedding styling services here >>