How to use dried flowers in your wedding

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on March 21 2023

If you are considering using dried flowers for your wedding, but you're not really sure how to incorporate them into your wedding design, then I am sharing lots of ways you could include them. Whether you want to create a cohesive look throughout, and go full on with your dried elements to make maximum impact and a vibe for your wedding. Or you may be after a few quick ideas to help add a few subtle touches within your design. In today's blog post we will cover all of this, so that you can pick and choose where you want dried flowers to feature in your wedding.

Ceremony Backdrops

Dried flowers can be used to decorate a larger area such as a backdrop. This could be a ceremony arch of some description. Dried flowers can be used to decorate the whole thing or just a corner, depending on the shape and look that you desire. They can be easily attached so they stay in place and they can be moved afterwards if you want them included in your reception some where too.


Hanging Installations

Dried flowers look amazing hanging from the ceiling from large installations. This could be a ladder suspended from wooden beams, or a large hoop in the centre of the room. Amaranthus works particually well as it is a trailing flower that will hang down helping you achieve an intimate vibe over your tables.


Key Areas

You can include dried flowers on all your key areas being styled such as your welcome area. You might have a welcome board with an easel that needs livening up. You may want to include some small vases on your guest book table so everything feels uniform. And you might want to fill your cake area with dried flowers to create a real feature of it, so it looks amazing in your photos.


There are no limits to where you can add dried flowers. The only three things I would say is;

1. Do not have them anywhere near an open flame. Such as lit candles.

 2. Obviously getting them wet won't do them any good. So if you want to use them again please avoid this.

3. Severe wind will be a problem as most dried flowers are super delicate to handle and won't with stand being blown about too much.

So if you are getting married outside remember to take this into consideration.


Bud Vases

One popular way to add your dried flowers into your wedding design is inside bud vases for on your tables. They come in all different shapes and sizes, and colour options of course. Depending on the size, you may only need a few stems in one vase to make a impact.



Place Settings

If you are looking for a subtle touch, a great place to put dried flowers is your place settings. A single stem placed on top of a napkin, or inside a napkin pocket or on top of a charger plate is a great place to help tie everything in together. Alternatively, a small bunch of dried flowers attached to each guests name card is a nice idea which can double up as a favour.


It is becoming increasingly popular to incorporate dried flowers without your stationery elements. This could be as simple as placing a single stem flower on top of your menu card, when it's in position. Or you could fully incorporate the idea from the get go. For example; dried flowers pressed into wax seals, to add a delicate touch. This could be the same flower you are having in your bouquet, so everything ties in nicely together.



Dried flowers make unbelievable confetti. An eco friendly choice too! Using dried lavender, leaves and flower heads will not only make for some great exit shots, you can select your preference to tie in with your theme. Another plus point is that is can be prepped in advance too!



I hope you have enjoyed reading all about how you can include dried flowers into your wedding design. If you would like to work with me on styling your wedding, you can read more about that here.