How to Style your Place Settings

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on September 13 2022

Are you wondering how to style your place cards so they aren't just plonked on the tables for your guests to hopefully find? It's an essential part of your wedding table decor so it's nice to make an effort for your guests, so they can find their name easily but also to wow them. There are so many ways to style them and make them star of the show, so I have picked a handful of ways you can style them, to stand out from the crowd.

Be sure to check out the bonus videos at the bottom of the page for more styling inspiration.

Attach to a Flower Stem

Using a wooden peg to help you attach your place card to a flower stem is a different way to style your guests names instead of having them just flat. It adds a bit more interest and also won't move position.

Peg to your glassware 

For a unique look why not add it to your wine glasses on the table. This is a great way to style them to ensure your guests see their name easily when approaching the table. And your charger plates may already look full with cutlery. napkins and a menu.

Lay them on top

Layering your place cards on top of other items helps to give you a well styled look. Use napkins and foliage to help you create a good foundation.


In a place card holder

Card holders are also great for having the guests name cards facing outwards for ease of finding their place. Having them in holders gives a different look to your tables.

Bonus Videos!!

Watch the fun videos below to feel more inspired on how you can make the most of your place settings.