How to Incorporate Plants into your wedding

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on September 20 2022

If you are anything like me I adore plants, indoor and outdoor. I used to forget to water them, but since keeping a routine everyday in the summer and once a week indoors you'll be pleased to know all my plants are not only surviving they are thriving too! It got me thinking about how you can include plants into your wedding, because I think they are a fantastic alternative to flowers.
You may not realise it, but plants can be used throughout your wedding in so many different ways. Here are a few ways they can be incorporated. 

Place Settings

If you just want to add a little touch of using plants on your tables or you have gone quite heavy with plants on your tables, then adding a sprig of herbs like rosemary or a stem of lavender maybe all you need to complete the look.


Rustic Place Cards >>


You can create some amazing table displays with potted plants, you have the choice whether to use them as a statement centrepiece, which works well on round tables. Or have them down the middle on a rectangular table. Make sure to choose plants at different heights to keep it interesting for the eye.




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Another great way of using plants is to give them away as favours, mini succulents work particularly well for this as you can buy them in bulk. This way it is helping the environment and certainly not a wasteful gift.


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I think potted plants work particularly well on a rustic pair of ladders and among wooden crates to create welcome displays and table plans.

Table Runners

It can look really effective if you are using lots of greenery on the table, such as a runner made of foliage, to add succulents within the design, it will add more interest and texture to the overall look.


 Menu & Place Cards

As well as them looking the part, and being so versatile, they are also a fantastic for many other reasons. If you are not convinced yet, read on!

Advantages to using plants

Budget Friendly

We have all heard the horror stories of how much wedding flowers can cost, especially if you after a rather large installation which is very on trend at the moment. So to help you keep the costs down why not consider using plants. If you think ahead, you can start preparing really early by planting what you love in your own garden, a family members or a neighbour garden if you don't have the space yourselves.

No Comprises

Just because you don't include flowers doesn't mean your wedding won't have the wow factor. There are some beautiful plants out there that can look stunning if you get it right. 


Don't like flowers

Don't let anyone tell you can't have a wedding without flowers. You may not even like flowers, in fact, don't get me wrong, i love some flowers, but not all flowers. I like the dainty kind, and I am very particular about colours. I would prefer to be given a plant then flowers any day of the week, just saying! So plants make a great alternative. In fact don't just stop at plants, herbs are equally amazing for incorporating as well and they smell amazing too!


Choosing plants is certainly an eco-friendly choice, you can you put them back where they came from once used, pass them on to your family and friends or plant them in your own garden. Unlike flowers, once they are finished with, they end up in the bin, which is a real shame, not to mention wasteful.



There are lots of options when it comes to plants for your wedding, there are succulents, catcus's, herbs such as sage and rosemary work really well as well as lavender which smells delightful. All you need to do is visit your local garden centre and see what is on offer and let your imagination run wild. There will also be a wider variety of containers for you to choose from. What with terracotta plant pots, metal buckets, wooden planter boxes to styled up tin cans , you really can match your style easily.


Advantages for you using potted plants 

- All natural

- Easy to look after

- Can be prepared in advance and all you will need to do is remember to water them.

- You can choose from a huge selection of pots and containers to put them in.

- Much more cost effective than flowers

- Can be re-used

- Can be given to wedding guests as wedding favours.

- Perfect pairing for eco-friendly conscious couples who want a nature based, green inspired wedding.

- Perfect match for rustic styles, woodland themes, and wedding based in the country. Although depending on the type of plants you choose, it could also create a very lush and classy appearance.


I hope this has convinced you to use plants and have a more eco-friendly wedding. If you are considering plants at your wedding we have a range of terracotta flower pots to hire in varies sizes to help you achieve  your look. You find them in the prop catalogue here >>


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