How to create an industrial wedding vibe

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on October 18 2022

If you are looking for a non-traditional wedding style then industrial wedding design may just be the perfect fit for you and your partner. If you don't want to have the 'cookie cutter' wedding and have the same as everyone else, you are in the right place for some fresh inspiration.

On trend

Industrial design is huge in home interiors and has made it's way into weddings, so its growing in popularity among modern couples who are seeking for an alternative from the 'norm'.

Who it's for

Industrial design is perfect for couples who want to be bold and different. It's for couples who want their wedding to have an edge with unique decor to make a statement with plenty of character. If you are fed up of seeing the same wedding over and over, this is the style for you!


The ideal venues for hosting an industrial wedding are barns, past working mills, old factory buildings, warehouses, city lofts, and so on. Just somewhere where you have a blank space to decorate as you desire. Having exposed brick work, metal pipework and wooden beams, add extra character to make the perfect setting.



The decor is the totally opposite to a traditional 'white wedding' by using the colour black in it's design. This helps to make a bold statement and appear robust. Equally this style of decor will look super stylish, sleek, smart and modern.


While the colour black can maybe scare some couples away, it's actually a really smart choice for a wedding. The usual 'go to' metallic colours that couples go for, such as gold, and rose gold, definately outdate quicker with the trends and it can be a challenge matching decor pieces, as there are many versions of gold out there! The great thing if you choose black as your foundation pieces within your decor, is that any colours can work well paired with it. Copper is the perfect colour combo for adding warmth. Vibrant colours such as pink are great for adding a statement and will add that pop of colour needed, and it can also work well with lots of greenery which helps adds softness to the overall look. So there is a lot of scope for creating your dream look.



Lighting can often get over looked and one of the last things that couples consider. This is not the case with an industrial style wedding, lighting is key to creating the right atmosphere. Neon lighting is a match made in heaven for this style. Edison style light bulbs and festoon lights are becoming increasingly popular and really help create the perfect mood.




One of the things that pairs particularly well this style is lots of greenery. It helps soften the robust decor pieces. So lots of plants, foliage runners, walls of greenery as backgrounds and exotic plants work wonders to make everything to look lush and fresh.


 The Details

Attention to detail is key for pulling it off to create a cohesive design. Mixing natural materials such as wood and metal will help to give an edge. Terracotta pots and concrete tea lights are a great choice of detail to bring all the elements together.


Stationery is a great place to add more of the smaller details that help bring a design to life. Especially foiled stationery, which will add a stylish, modern vibe with it's high shine, that has the wow factor. Copper foil looks amazing paired with greenery and an earthy colour palette. 


Photos by Dany Inwood Photography