How to choose Wedding Favours

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on October 11 2022

Wedding Favours are one of those things on the 'to do list' that we tend to put off as we desperately want to find the perfect gift for our wedding guests. The thing to remember is that wedding favours are a small token of appreciation to thank your guests for sharing your day with you, and to not feel pressured to spend an absolute fortune.
The most important thing to consider is that your guests don't want you to buy something for them that they don't want or they won't use. Favours want to be meaningful and fun. So I have 3 great ideas for you to help get the juices flowing.
First, here is a fun video to watch with how easy and quick these ideas could take you. 


You can't beat a handmade favour, that's why it's at the very top of my list. It's the thought that counts and if you make something from scratch for your guests to enjoy it makes a lovely special touch to your day that will easily win your guests over. Some personal favourite ideas of mine are; home baked biscuits or cookies, home made chutneys, jams and honey. If you feel like getting more crafty, how about making soap or bath bombs. It's something they will enjoy and they will really appreciate. You will be rewarded with their reaction and feel very proud of yourself for making the effort.


When family and friends get together they always want to reminisce about the past, and a super fun way of doing this is to gift them old fashioned sweeties. The memories that sweets can tap into will make for some great stories at your wedding. Your guests will then thank you after for the trip down memory lane. You can make it really personal by choosing your favourites from your own childhood.


If you find that the packaging will ruin the overall look on your tables, I offer these personalised favour bags so that you can easily pretty up any favour you have. 

gold favour bagsWedding Favour Bags >>


Going back to the subject of not buying things your guests won't use, it's a good idea to think about eco-friendly gifts. Packets of seeds make the ideal gift to give guests so they can plant them in their home. And if you don't want to give flower seeds there are always salad and vegetable seeds as a great alternative. With gardening becoming more popular than ever, your guests will love their gift and when they watch it grow in their garden they will always think of you. You could get a mixed variety so that everyone receive something different, this way it keeps it interesting.

If you don't fancy seeds you could always gift them a mini plant. This is a fantastic sustainable gift that are guest can take care of. And they don't need to have a garden! Mini succulents are ideal for this as they take little looking after and will look super cute on a display area or on the place settings. I offer a diy kit so you can join forces with your wedding party and spend a fun afternoon sat assembling them together. wedding succulent favours

Watch Fun Tutorial 'How to Assemble Diy Wedding Favours'



wedding favour kit

Diy Wedding Favour Kit

We may only have 3 main ideas here, but as you can see there are endless ideas when you start to think about your options. The best advice I can give you when considering what to choose, is to choose something that connects to you in some way, so that it has some meaning. 


Also, before you decide, take into account the time you have for the project. If you want to get your wedding favours sorted in advance, so you don't have to think about it anymore until the wedding, making something that will last is a vital consideration. Or maybe you could ask a member of the wedding party or your family to create something for you as there contribution if it needs to be made closer to the actually wedding day. You'd be amazing how pleased they will be that you have asked for their help, and it help to take the pressure off you.


I also have a great video for you to watch, to show you how easy they are to style on your place settings. They are great for making a statement and work nicely layered along side your stationery pieces and napkins. 

I hope you have enjoyed these ideas and it's inspired you for your own wedding day. 


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