How to add nature to your wedding design

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on March 15 2023

If you are looking to create an outdoor vibe for your wedding which is inspired by nature then you are in the right place. I live in the countryside and it is what my wedding work is mostly influenced by. Nature is such an easy thing to incorporate into your wedding as we are surrounded by it, and the most exciting thing is that it changes every season, so there is something different on offer throughout different times of the year. This means your wedding is more likely to be one of kind, if you decide to choose to include nature elements. It's also great because it's an affordable route to go down for the modern couple.
I'm very excited to dive into what some of my favourite ways to add nature are with you. These ideas are particularly good for couples who adore nature and who are after an outdoor vibe, planning a woodland wedding, or a country garden style wedding day. It's for couples wanting a casual, relaxed day that feels lush and fresh while being kinder to our planet at the same time.


Plants look amazing used in weddings and there are so many different varieties that bring a different vibe to the table. You can use bigger potted plants on the ground at the side of the aisle to decorate the ceremony area, or to add detail to a key display area. Or you can use smaller house plants like succulents, ferns and even herbs to decorate the tables. They are lots of creative ways to use them such as giving them away to guests as favours or hanging them over the table to give a whimsical, intimate vibe.


Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are a fantastic way to incorporate nature into your design. One of the great things about using dried flowers is, is you can get them ready for the day well in advance, unlike fresh flowers. The other great thing is that they are available in many different colours these days which really helps add your own style and easily match your colour scheme you have chosen to work with. With varieties such as dried pampas grass, palm leaves and coloured baby's breath you can make a real impact with nature.



Trees & Branches

Tress are a great way of helping you add height to your wedding design and will fill a corner particular well, or perhaps you want to add them either side of your welcome entrance. Wishing trees are also a great way to add some nature, add lights and leaves to make them magical.

Seeds & Petals

If you are looking for a more subtle way of adding nature to your wedding you could incorporate seeds. What about bird seed for confetti, or rose petals lining the aisle. You can even add seeds to your stationery, what about some lavender seeds included in a wax seal to help tie in your nature theme.


Wax Seal Designs

A great way of adding a splash of nature is on your stationery. Wax seals are the perfect addition to invitations, envelopes, menus and place cards. I have a collection of wax seal stamps which are nature inspired. From floral wreaths, foliage stems, to trees.




Your wedding stationery itself is a great place to add some nature. A lovely way to do this is by adding illustrations. Whether its is a floral pattern to a single stem, it can help tie everything in together, and transform a plain design.



Giving away plants as favours is a nice way of adding some nature into your wedding. You could place them on each place setting or make a unique display out of them. It's a nice way of symbolising how your relationship will grow.



I stronger believe, we over look what is available to us for free! Nature is on our door step and it's easy to forget it's there because we are so used to seeing it everyday. I mean, have you even noticed that tree you walk past every day to work has got beautiful pinecones hanging from it? Leaves, branches, stones, acorns, the list of nature goes on, it's all there! And it could be used to help you create a nature inspired wedding design, depending on what season you are getting married. The other part of this is looking in your own garden, your family members, or your even your neighbours garden, (if you know them well enough to ask) and seeing what they have that you could use.