Why you need charger plates on your wedding tables

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on May 06 2022

If you are considering adding charger plates to place on your wedding tables, but you are unsure if you really need them or not, I am here to help you decide. They not only add that special something to your table decor they are actually very practical too. So it's a win, win situation! Let's dive into why you need to include them in your styling budget.

No. 1

Your place settings can look empty without them.

Consider how your tables will be styled on the day, they may just look a bit empty without something sitting in your guests place. If you are looking to make an impact with your table decor, adding charger plates will help your tables look more finished and more inviting for your guests to dine at. Leaving your place settings without them, could lead to your guests feeling underwhelmed when they arrive to sit down.

 No. 2

Show Stopper Decor

 Charger plates act as the perfect decor piece to help show off your wedding menus, guests place cards, your wedding favours, your napkins and even down to your cutlery. A charger plate is the prefect backdrop for adding styling with your smaller details that the guests will notice straight away. With a charger plate included you have more opportunities to play with the layout, enabling you to include more of your own unique style to your wedding.

No. 3

Tying it all in

Depending on your other decor choices on the table, having a charger plate can also help to tie everything together. You may want a little bit more colour on the table, you may want some more contrast with the linens to break things up, you may even want something that will add a different texture to the tables. As let's face it, your guests will want to touch everything the minute they see it! Charger plates can be used to help match your other decor items such as candle sticks and frames, helping everything look cohesive and aesthetically pleasing.

No. 4

Pretty but Practical

As well as making the table look amazing, having a charger plate for each guest, also helps prevent any damages and stains occurring on your table cloths by helping to catch any food spillages from the plate. Which your caterer or linen hire company will be really thankful for and they won't have to charge you extra money for something that won't wash out.

No. 5

They up the WOW factor!

Charger plates can totally transform a tablescape from looking just nice to looking absolutely amazeballs! If you are after that all important wow factor, then charger plates are the perfect addition. There extra detail really can help take a design to the next level, so if swoon-worthy decor is what you after, you won't want to be without them.



Style it Up!

The great thing about charger plates is that they are available in lots of different styles and colours. From shiny metallics to natural materials such as wicker mats.  Each giving a completely different look and feel to help you transform your tables into your desired wedding style.  
I hope this has help you decide if charger plates are for you. If you would like any help styling your wedding venue, you can check out my styling services page where we also offer charger plates to hire if you want to work with me.

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