Why you need a wedding stationery designer

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on January 14 2021

What is a wedding stationery designer?
A wedding stationery designer is a specialised professional in their field. They are there to help guide you through the process of designing all the stationery elements for your wedding day. They are there to help you choose a design that fits your budget and compliments your theme.
What is custom designed stationery?
You can work with a designer on something that is unique to you. They will have ready to buy collections that suit lots of wedding styles. But if you are looking for something different they can work with you one on one to bring the idea to life once you have communicated what you you are after. 
How can using a designer benefit you?
Working with a designer to make something just for you will capture your personality, which is what your wedding day is all about. A professional will take all factors into account. Including your personalities, your interests and what your other elements are like that you are having for your day, such as your dress and your cake.
They can share with you their years of experience with helping you select the right style, the perfect colour palette, the materials to use and suitable fonts and language to fit the whole vibe your trying to create.
Discussing Ideas with a designer
You may like the look of a designers work and want to check they are the right fit for you first. Here are some handy tips before getting in touch.
- Make sure to ask as many questions as you can, this will help you to make an informed decision.
- Make sure to discuss your ideas, what you're like as a couple and your wedding theme. You may even want to present a Pinterest board of your wedding ideas which will give the designer a visual representation of what's in your mind.
- Know your numbers, make sure to provide the designer with your number of guests attending and it is useful to have your budget in mind when you would like a quote.
If you fancy working with a designer to create your stationery, I offer a bespoke design service, to get in touch just drop me a message here.
Here are some of the things I can help you with.
- Guide you through the colour foil options available
- Chat through the materials such as vellum and card 
- Find out where you want to make largest statement
- Offer custom packages
- Offer cost saving tips
- Provide you will a stress free experience



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