How to give your wedding personality

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on July 01 2020

Let's start at the beginning 'Congratulations on your engagement' I am glad you have found this post to help you start your journey of wedding planning. This is a topic I am very passionate about so I can't wait to dive in and lay my wise words of wisdom on you! 🙌🏻 When we hear the words wedding planning and we start researching what that looks like, before we know it you can feel overwhelmed and a little clueless of where to start. So I have designed a step by step guide on how to help you avoid that feeling and you are going to know exactly where you are going to start and how to make the wedding you really want come to life by the end of this. Are you with me? Good, let's get going!
This step by step guide is a useful exercise to getting started with planning as it is so easy to veer off track once you start looking at other weddings, blogs and end up down a Pinterest rabbit hole. We are going to make it clear what you want to achieve first before you hunt for your inspiration in bringing it to life.
The very first thing you are trying to do with these lists I'm asking you to make is, to figure out what you are like as a couple. I promise this is key to planning a wedding that reflects the both of you.
So grab a pen and paper...
Take some time as a couple to make a list of all your interests, your hobbies, things you like to do as a couple and individually too. You may love travelling to different countries, or you may play sports, you may enjoy hiking or playing an instrument. 
Look around your home and list what colours you have used, what textures you like and what style you have made it. Do you go for neutrals, pastels, or bolder colours? Is your furniture made from natural materials and what style is it, is a modern, rustic or a contemporary style? Do you like patterns wallpaper or statement colour walls?
Look in your wardrobe, what colour and style are your clothes? Do you like statement pieces such as chunky jewellery or you have a thing for shoes?
Think about your favourite places to hang out, places you like to visit, shop window displays you admire, movie sets or scenes you love to watch.
Make a list of the types of music you both like, your favourite songs as a couple, and your individual taste.
What food do you enjoy the most, do you like to cook, bake, go out for dinner, get takeaways?
What are your beliefs as a couple and separately. Do you have any traditions you like to do, and what are your values? What's important to you in your life? Write them all down.
What is your favourite thing to do together? It could be going to the cinema, going to the park or watching a film on a Saturday night.
What are you like as a couple and individuals, are you quiet and shy or are you fun & quirky? 
Ok, so now you have your list, you should now have a proper picture of what you are like as a couple. This will help you move forward in creating a wedding that is 'about the two of you' Your love story. You now need to think about how you can incorporate these things into your day so it looks and feels like your wedding. You want your guests to say "this is sooo them!" That is the magic you are looking for.
Choosing a theme, style and colours for your wedding should now be easier as you have already figured out what you are mostly drawn to. You will be able to sense the vibe you want to create that align with your interests. You will know how and where to marry based on your beliefs and traditions. More personalised touches can be brought in with the things you love to do, such as if you enjoy watching films, name your tables after them, or have popcorn favours. If you enjoy a take away, why not have a fish 'n' chip food truck as your wedding breakfast. You get the idea. Have some fun and bring your personalities out in the elements of the wedding, it will mean more to you, your guests will enjoy it more and you'll feel more relaxed. 
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