What is a Sweetheart Table?

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on August 17 2022

When you have been thinking about decorating your wedding venue, you may have come across the idea of the 'sweetheart table'. You may have wondered what this is and whether this could work for your own wedding reception. You may not of even heard of it, therefore you may find this topic particularly useful to read. Either way, let's make sure you know all about it, as it could be one of your options.


What is a Sweetheart Table?

A Sweetheart Table is a small table just for the couple to be seated at together. No other family members or wedding party are included, they will be seated at different tables among all the other guests.

Why would you choose a Sweetheart Table?

There are many different reasons you may like to choose having a Sweetheart Table instead of a traditional top table for your wedding reception, so let's dive into them. Firstly, a common reason why couples choose to have a table to themselves is because there is less pressure to choose who joins you on it. With extended family units and modern wedding parties, it can be very difficult deciding who gets poll position on the top table with you, so this is a perfect choice for keeping it simple. Secondly, in some cases (not to be negative) you may be dealing with divorced parents and you would prefer to keep them separate to each other. Therefore a sweetheart table is a good choice for you to help keep the peace.

 Pros of a Sweetheart Table

I have been noticing more and more emphasis on having a sweetheart table. We are seeing them more in styled shoots and I can see why. I wanted to share with you what some of the advantages are for choosing one. 

 Time For You

This a great chance to have some time away from your guests for a breather. While you are eating your meal you can enjoy each others company as a married couple without having to worry about anyone else. This maybe the only chance you get to have some space, be by yourselves and take it all in to slow down the day a little bit. It will also make sure you do eat something as when you have other people around you may forget and not bother as you are very busy socialising.


Focal Point

I think a Sweetheart Table makes a real statement and you can really dress it up to add impact to make it a focal point in the room. Wedding Stylists are getting creative and making the most out of this opportunity and we are seeing couples spend more on the decoration for it. We are seeing hanging features over the table, stunning backdrops, creative fronts to the table and more decor on top. This will make for lots of amazing photos of the couple on their own at the reception. 


Less Intimidating

Your wedding guests will tend to start floating about between courses to get more drinks and for bathroom breaks, and I am sure while they are up and about they will want to come over and chat to you to both. I think they will be likely to come over as it's just you two, rather than when they are faced with a whole army of your family. 


Cons of having a Sweetheart Table

Like anything it can have some downsides to sitting on your own, so let's see if these worry you, which will help you decide if it's the right fit for you..

Appears Distant

Sitting on your own table can give off the vibe that you don't want to be near your guests so be mindful of not sitting too far away from them. Make sure your table is close enough to feel part of the rest of your guests but still have enough room to have time just you two. If you are worried about it, once you have finished eating and perhaps waiting for the next course you could get up and mingle with the other guests. There is also the risk that you could feel left out, if you hear your other guests having fun, laughing and chatting away, you may feel you're missing out on that. So be sure to find a way of getting the balance just right.

Will it work in your venue

Of course, one of the biggest factors is whether including a sweetheart table will work in your venue. A Sweetheart Table will change how your tables are laid out, so take some time to consider this or have a chat with your venue co-ordinator to make sure it will all make sense practically. 


All Eyes on You

Seeing as the day is all about you, your sat on your own and you have created this focal point in the room, you will definatley be attracting more attention to yourselves. So only choose this style of table if you feel one hundred percent comfortable with all eyes on you.


Is this the future?

I predict that this hot trend with the Sweetheart Table will start to grow from 2023 and even become a firm favourite of modern couples, replacing the top table altogether. With many different family dynamics and many new wedding party roles being included, it is just becoming increasing harder to choose who gets poll position on the top table with you. Therefore this makes choosing a Sweetheart Table much more appealing to couples as it keeps it super simple and it doesn't look like there is any favouritisum.

I have spoken to many couples over the years and the table plan can be something of a stress trigger. In my opinion this could be one way to eliminate the headache and chose a sweetheart table instead. This will free you up so you are not worrying about it, and you can get on with having more fun while you plan. Which is what it is all about!


I hope this has helped you decide if a Sweetheart Table is for you. Another blog post that you may find interesting is below.











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