What is a Micro Wedding?

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on February 22 2021

What is a Micro Wedding?
Micro weddings have been becoming more popular over the last few years, and in 2020 the trend has seen an increasing rise due to the pandemic we are experiencing. The trend is set to continue as couples are feeling the growing frustration around getting married. Being smaller in size they are usually cheaper, more relaxed and shorter than a tradition wedding.
How many guests is classed as a micro wedding?
A micro wedding is classed as about 20 guests attending. This will allow for your nearest and dearest  to be there.
Why would you have a micro wedding?
Many couples are choosing a smaller wedding because they want to enjoy the true meaning of the day which is the marriage itself. And to spend quality conversation with your guests about the excitement of it all. 
Personally I am a huge fan of a smaller wedding so let's dive into the benefits of having one.
Fewer numbers means you and your guests will have a more intimate wedding experience together. You can enjoy quality time and conversation with the people who are most important to you. You and your partner will also spend more time with each other, where as a larger wedding can be guilty of seeing your day disappear very quickly so that you forget to be in the moment. 
More relaxed
 With less guests to worry about, this will make you feel more relaxed. You won't be restricted by timings so you can take your time over dinner and you can mingle with your guests for as long as you like. You will also have less eyes on you making you feel less like your in the spotlight, which is ideal if you don't want the attention all the time. 
Easy to personalise
It also makes it easier to personalise with the things you love, as you are not so worried about who won't like something, such as food choices or the music. 
Extra Details
You will have more room in your budget for the smaller extra details that you want to make it special. This can refer to anything really. If you was having a large wedding the cost of each guests place setting could really add up but a smaller wedding may mean you can now have a personalised menu for each of them. Or you may not of had the budget for those beautiful coloured glasses which are all the rage right now, if there was 100 guests, but a smaller wedding means you can now hire them. So lots of plus points when it comes to decorating your tables.
Different venue options
A smaller wedding also opens up other venue choices that could be the setting for you. A smaller barn, your favourite restaurant or a family garden with a marquee. The venue is usually the largest expense so think how much you will save on this time alone.
More time
A micro wedding also means there is less to do, meaning you will have more time to prepare for it. You may want to make your wedding favours yourself or write a handwritten note to your guests to make it more special.
I hope this has given you some more insight into micro weddings.



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