Wedding Trends for 2022

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on January 14 2022

If you are tying the knot in 2022 or planning for 2023 then I bet you are dying to know what the latest trends are for this year. I just love taking a closer look at what new trends will be popping up on Pinterest, which ideas will be sticking around because couples simple can't get enough of them, and what is beginning to be phased out to make way for fresh unique ideas that you can use for your own day. I've done all the leg work to help you decide which trends you want to use to move forward with your planning. So sit back and enjoy my take on the latest trends.
I have a very strong feeling that this year is set to be one of the busiest years for weddings. Mainly because 2021 was crazy busy, most wedding suppliers were absolutely swamped, including myself! So if you are getting married soon, my advice is.. to avoid disappointment, don't hesitate when you find your dream suppliers to work with as they will get snapped up very quickly.
Now let's dive in..

Weekday Weddings

We have always known that a weekday wedding is much cheaper than getting married at the weekend, but couples still would favour the weekend to tie the knot. Not anymore....! With popular venues getting booked up so far in advance, it's leaving couples will less choice, so getting married in the week is becoming more and more popular. Save the dates to send in advance are essential for giving your guests more of a head's up so they can plan ahead and take the time off work. According to Bride Book's Wedding Trend Report 17% of couples who postponed their wedding due to restrictions will get married on a Friday and 11% will marry on a Sunday.

Multi-Day Weddings

We have all heard, that if you get married abroad or you are invited to a oversees wedding, it will most likely be a multi-day event, which allows for travel and chill days, and allows guests to have a mini holiday tagged on to your wedding. Due to our current situation with a changing climate, multi day weddings are definately increasing in popularity with couples staying in the UK. More couples who are opting for an outdoor wedding with a marquee organised by themselves, can easily create a multi-day celebration. With glamping style tents to allow your guests to stay, you could totally pull off a weekend of celebrations. It makes total sense, you spend all this time planning, you should spend plenty of time celebrating in style.

Unique and Personal

Couples are wanting to stand out from the crowd much more these days, so there is a real emphasis on being unique. We only have to look at the Unique Rebels Union  blog to feel inspired by doing it different!!  One of the most common reasons brides want to make changes to stationery items I offer,  is because they don't simple don't want the same as everyone else. They are looking for something different. The 'off the peg' option will just not do anymore. This goes for everything... cakes, entertainment, stationery, attire, and decor. They want something their guests haven't seen before. One way of making sure you are different to the rest of the pack is to work with a stylist to create a unique vision for the both of you. If you want to read about how you can do this you can find more info on that here.


Unique Entertainment

The guest experience is what couples are focussing on more and more, which is great to see. So it's time to think bigger than photo booths and lawn games. Now couples are looking for something unique for their guests to remember forever. Think flame throwers, a petting zoo, organise friendly competitions, hire circus entertainment or fair ground rides to thrill your guests. It's totally worth spending some time hunting down something different, as your guests want to be dazzled these days. (remember they haven't been out much in the last 2 years!!)

Preserving Memories

If there is one thing the past few years has taught us, it is how much our family and friends mean to us. So when we are making memories that last a life time, couples want to capture those moments and treasure them forever. Trends leading the way into this new era are by the form of video. Be sure to hire a videographer to capture your wedding so you can re-live the day together on your special anniversaries. Video guest books are a fantastic alternative for your guests to record personal messages for you to enjoy listening to. Guests are more likely to record a message as they are more interactive and they will want to be involved I can promise you. Or you could set up your own guest book with an ipad if your budget won't stretch to hiring a professional to do the job for you.


Dried flowers aren't going anywhere, they have been the hottest trend for weddings in 2021 and are set to continue to flourish. Not only do they look beautiful, they last forever if you look after them, making them a sustainable choice for your day. Natural, calm, and earthy colours have been centre stage for a while working well for bohemian vibes, but we are set to see some amazing colour combinations in 2022 which will up the ante, helping to add unique personality.


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Photo Via  Amber & Boheme

Creative Tables

You only have to scroll Pinterest for 1 minute to realise that wedding tables are styled at the highest level these days. Trends which will continue to soar are coloured linens and napkins, coloured glassware, and metallic cutlery. Be sure to look out for trendy twisted candles, antique pottery and vintage finds to personalise your decor. Paying attention to above the table not just on it will also take your wedding design to the next level. Using statement lighting, hanging plants or disco balls will help to totally immerse your guests into the whole experience.



When it comes to your wedding stationery couples are getting even more personal then before. Writing your own vows has become increasingly popular, having meaningful readings and thoughtful favour ideas are among some of the little touches that makes your day unique. More couples are working 1-1 with designers to help them create something from scratch as they want something different to everyone else. From custom invitation sets to help set the tone, to bespoke on the day signage. If you would like help bringing an idea to life you can read more about my bespoke design service here. 

Making sure you greet your wedding guests in style is a big part of my mission, I love creating new ways that will help you put a big smile on their face. From my fold out welcome cards, personalised name tags and menus, to fun straw flags for drinks on arrival to choose from, you can easily create a welcome to make them feel special. 

Support Small

It is more important than ever to support your local economy, suppliers have taken a hard hit and need your help to come out the other side. The focus is on using local and small business's that are excited to work with you.

Rent & Re-Use

With couples being more conscious on what impact their wedding will have on the environment is making them put more thought into their choices. Think rented dress's or second hand clothing. And more couples are exploring pre-loved items with decorations too. Rock My Wedding has a fantastic Recycle option you can check out here >>

Colour of the Year

We can't take a look at the 2022 wedding trends and not talk about Pantone's Colour of the Year. And I am rather excited this year about the choice, as it is a personal favourite of mine. They are calling it 'Very Peri' which is basically purple. The colour is perfect for the year ahead, Pantone states in this article that "it represents a joyous attitude which encourages creativity and imaginative expressions."

Perfect for celebrating your marriage and creating a unique day that allows you to let yourselves go.


I am sure we will be seeing much more of this colour throughout the year as it is perfect for spring and summer weddings. If you want some more inspiration using this colour for your wedding, you would love these blog posts >>>

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Colourful, Contrasting Colours

While neutral tones are still a strong favourite among couples looking for a natural, sustainable vibeOver the last few years, the spotlight is on colourful weddings. Bold pops of colour that make your day come alive and add an element of fun have been increasing in popularity.


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Table Number Flags

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