Wedding Theme Ideas

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on February 08 2023

Sometimes when we hear the word 'theme' we get a little worried with what this means. We tend to think about costume and kids parties as themed. But not usually for weddings. But all it really means is that it's an 'idea' that runs through your wedding day to help everything tie together.
If you have a solid theme in place that you want to use, this can really help guide you with the rest of your wedding design. I have 5 amazing theme ideas to help get the creative juices flowing for you.


You may want to base your wedding around a particular colour. You may have a favourite colour you have always been fond of and want it to be the main focal point in your wedding. You can add this colour to your flowers, your attire, and your decor making sure everything ties in together from the ceremony area right through to your reception.


You may have hobbies that you both want to include into your wedding, which is also a great way to add your personalities. Think about how you could add those hobbies into your day, from unique entrances, personalised table names, to meaningful favours.


If you both love travelling together this could be a great theme to run with. You may love a particular country and would like to share a taster with your family and friends. You can include food and entertainment from the places you love, providing your guests with a brand new experience.



Using the season you are getting married as a theme is a fantastic option and it will be easier to plan, as everything is at your finger tips. From choosing your food, picking flowers to choosing your colour palette. Choosing the season you are tying the knot for your theme, could really help lead the rest of your wedding design.


Interior Trends

You may be the type of couple who loves your home and you particularly love home interiors and follow the current trends. If so, this theme could be perfect for you. It's a great way of expressing what you are like as couple by using what you decorate your home like, to influence your wedding design.


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