Wedding planning tools to help you stay organised

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on April 05 2020

You maybe wondering how you are going to stay organised while planning your wedding day. There are so many things to juggle all at once so it is important to find the best way for you to manage it all and stay in control. I have listed a few my favourite ways to stay organised below.


Trello is where you can make your lists. You can create boards with lists in them with what you need to get done. When each task has been started you can move it over till the task is complete. 
This is how I would set it out to keep it simple.
You can add more information to one task in the description box, you can add checklists, and a deadline, you can even set yourself a reminder. You can share your board with your other half too, so you both stay on the same page with your 'to do' list which is a great advantage, you can even add comments so you can have a conversation about that task.


Bridebook have the perfect way to organise your wedding guest list. They have it all figured out for you or personalise your own with their 'Personalised Wedding Guest List Manager'
It enables you to have all your guests in one place and keep track of who is coming to your wedding, who has replied to the rsvp and who you are still waiting for.
You can split day and evening guests so you can have total control of who’s coming and when they should arrive. You are also able to link up partners and families to make address collections, adding phone numbers to help make life easier when it comes to sending invitations.

Wedding Wire

Wedding Wire has a great budget planner to use. They make it simple to add all your categories to your planner to stay organised and see what's going on.
You may be trying to decide on how to distribute your budget or you may just want to keep track of wedding payments, their tracker will help you take control of this with all the figures in one helpful place.
If you are a diy couple and decorating your own wedding venue I have a super handy guide that will help you stay on track. It will help you collect the information needed to ensure the decorating runs as smoothly as possible. With useful questions,  checklists, styling ideas, budget saving tips and more. If you would like to decorate like a pro, you can check it out here >>>

A Wedding Website

If you haven't thought about creating a wedding website yet then I would strongly advise it for being organised. There are plenty to chose from, but I would recommend the The Knot , they make it super simple for you to set up. Ready made templates for you use to quickly get started enable you to personalise your theme from the get go.They are user friendly for all your guests too. This is an organised place where you can inform the guests about the wedding with all the details, including directions to the venue and places to stay. You can collect rsvp's from your guests, put your gift list on there so guests can view it, and you can add photos to help build the excitement, while you plan.
Come up with your own wedding hashtag and add it to the bottom of your invitations. Won't that impress your guests!
This planning tool is particular useful for destination weddings, due to the fact you may have too much information to relay to your guests on an invitation. The wedding may have different aspects to cover therefore this would be a great place to send your guests.


Pinterest is a fantastic tool for wedding planning. You can create boards in each category to help keep you organised and even divide things into sections to find things easier and faster. It is the place for all your ideas to come together. A fantastic tool for referring back to each time you need to source inspiration for an element of your day. Somewhere you can create mood boards and collect blog posts that you want to refer back to when you are ready to delve in to that topic.
This is just to name a few wedding planning tools to get you started. There are tons of useful guides, websites and apps out there on the internet.

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