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After your engagement you may be thinking where on earth do I start with wedding planning? Some couples start to feel a little overwhelmed, especially when your loved ones start firing questions at you, left, right and centre! Which you don't yet know the answers to. ( Have you set a date yet? How many bridesmaids are you having? Where will it be? ) After being bombarded it's no surprise many couples feel a little stressed. But rest assured ,as with these top 10 things to do after you have said 'yes' it will hopefully help relive the stress for you a little.
Choose a Date
Many couples like to choose a date which is significant to them or by what time of year they prefer. Others may have a venue in mind, therefore it may be a date based on the availability. Either way is fine as long as you and your fiancé agree on the date, that will be the best start you can have.
Work out your budget
Sit down and talk about your realistic expectations of what you are both happy spending on your big day. It may be a good idea to create yourself a spreadsheet of all the things you would like to have for your day and then roughly work out the costs. Work out what is most important to you and what you can live without if you had to cut back on some things. This will hopefully prevent any issues later on when spending your money.
 Create a Guest List
Drafting up your guest list is one of the important jobs to do, as most of the suppliers will ask this information to be able to supply you with a quote, such as the venue and the caterer. Then if the costs comes out to be much more than you were expecting on these first quotes against your budget then it is maybe a good idea to eliminate some guests while you are at the start of the process.
Choose your Wedding Party
Deciding on your wedding party should be a fun part of the planning, think carefully about who you would like as your maid/man of honour, bridesmaids and best man/woman. It's not just about who will look good stood next to you for the photo's, its your nearest and dearest's time to shine with helping you create the day of your dreams, so you need a responsible team who will be a joy to be with, when you need them during planning.
Choose your Theme
This is a very important step before you do anything else. It is very wise to sit down together and discuss what you would like for your wedding to make sure you are on the same page. So firsts thing first, decide on a theme, now by theme I do not mean fancy dress, I mean are you after a wedding that is formal, like black tie for example, or are you wanting a more relaxed informal day, like in a garden setting perhaps. Would you like to get married in a church, or a hotel, the beach, that kind of thing. By deciding on your location and venue you will determine your theme.
Choose a Style
Once you have your theme sorted, the style of your wedding may then become apparent. Are you after a glamorous wedding, with candelabra's or maybe your style is more of a handmade casual day with bunting galore. The only thing to remember is the style wants to represent you both as a couple. You want the decor and surroundings to feel like you, it needs your personality to make it YOUR wedding day.
Choose your Colours
Choosing your wedding colours is the next step, after selecting your theme and style, look at your chosen venue and think about what colours will compliment
the surroundings. Remember to choose colours you like and feel comfortable with. Ask yourself are you after a bold dramatic effect, or a more soft and subtle feel. Do you like metallic touches or clean and simple. Creating yourself a mood board is a fantastic way to play with colours to help find out what goes together and is pleasing on the eye. If you would like some more help on this I am a wedding stylist, therefore can help you work out your vision for the day and what style will suit you as a couple and the aesthetics to help bring it to life.  

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Build a wedding website
An idea that is growing more and more popular with couples is to create a place where you have all the information for yourselves and your guests, which will be a game changer. Share wedding details, collect RSVP's, create your gift list and much much more. This will create the ease of wedding planning you crave. 
Interview suppliers
Gathering lots of quotes from a variety of wedding suppliers is key for the early stages of planning. It is good to shop around for competitive prices as when you mention 'wedding', the figures can be unbelievable. Remember though, it is not always the cheapest deal that is the best deal. It's all very well emailing your suppliers because you are too busy to talk to them, but it might pay off to speak to them on the phone or better still meet them in person, this way you have a better judgement of them. After all, this is a very important day so you need them to be reliable and trustworthy, the last thing you need is to be let down.
Hire a Wedding Planner/Stylist
 If you don't fancy doing this all alone then hiring an expert can really take the pressure off you. A wedding planner can help you sort out the logistics and a wedding stylist can help you with the visuals. You may not have the time to research all that your wedding requires and you certainly don't want to be stressed out. Most planners and stylists are flexible depending on what your needs are, so chatting with them to discuss your day will help you enjoy the process more. If you are interested in knowing the differences between the two you can read more here.

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Hopefully this will help you get nicely underway with your planning. 
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