Wedding marquee styling tips

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on January 25 2021

Decorating a marquee can be an exciting thing to do for your wedding as it is an amazing chance to make it your own, but can also be very overwhelming, especially as it's a completely blank space for you to have to fill. With this in mind and with experience under my belt, I have some key elements below that you might want to consider when planning how your going to bring it to life.
Welcome entrance
Paying particular attention to the entrance is really important. Make sure the experience for your guests starts as soon as they arrive at the setting. If your marquee is situated away from where your guests arrive adding a walk way will create the build up you need that will lead them into the unknown till they enter inside. Make them feel welcome with a drink, a welcome sign, a stunning archway to walk under. Maybe you could hide your marquee behind some trees, revealing it only to your guests as they get closer. 
Create that magical, romantic atmosphere by using fairy lights, lanterns and candles. Place them all around your marquee not forgetting outside as when it turns to night, your marquee will take on a new look. 
Marquees need a lot of decoration, and one fantastic way to make an impact is large florals. Botanicals really bring the blank canvas to life and it brings the outside nature in.
 Creative Displays
To make the most of all the space you will have, it gives you the chance to go big with your displays. This is also great for creating focal points. Make a feature with your table plan, use extra tables for the guests book area, and use crates and barrels and ladders to create displays at different heights with extra decorations.
Depending on how you are styling your tables will depend on how you are having them situated, what size they are and whether they are round or long. There are lots of creative ways to bring the table to life depending on the vibe you want to create. For something different you could consider decor above the table, adding a different element of interest and it also helps it feel more intimate, bringing it down to the guests level, which a great trick in a marquee. 
A marquee will have poles and rails to hang things from which is really handy. Decoration such as bunting, paper lanterns, lights, hoops are a fantastic way to add interest above that can fill a rather large empty space otherwise.
Another way to add decoration on a larger scale is to insert a backdrop behind the top table as an extra feature. This is going to be where your photographer will be capturing the speeches and the VIPs while they enjoy themselves so make sure it looks amazing and stands out with a fantastic background instead of just a plain wall.
If you are decorating a blank canvas venue then my guide Decorating your wedding venue would be perfect for helping you get started. With useful questions, checklists, styling ideas, budget saving tips and more you will be decorating like a pro!



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