Wedding Marquee Style to choose

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on November 30 2021

If you are still deciding on which style of marquee to have for your wedding outside then you have landed in the right place, because i am giving you the low down to help you decide once and for all which one is right for you. 
There are lots of options when it comes to marquees that are available these days, from traditional marquees and stretch tents to fun tipis and yurts. Each offering something very different to each other. Much of the decision with be lead by your budget, your taste and the availability to you. 
Choosing the style of your marquee for your wedding is so important as they all look different and all they create a different atmosphere, outside and inside. Not only do they look completely different to each other with different shapes and colours, they also suit different wedding styles better than others.
So let's dive into the differences.

A Traditional Framed Marquee

These have been around for what feels like forever in the wedding industry. Typically all white outside and inside with see through windows, this style is an ideal blank canvas for decorating. Sometimes drapes are use to bring the ceiling down lower to give a more intimate atmosphere. I would say that this style of marquee is more suitable for an elegant wedding which is after a minimalist look.

A Stretch Tent

A stretch tent is a lovely alternative to a traditional marquee, with a white canopy that can be used to create different shapes. They are no sides to a stretch tent which makes it a great option for feeling the most outdoors you could be, with just the top to shade wedding guests from the sunshine. I would say a stretch tent is for a laid back wedding that wants a lots of fun. 


Tipis are a beige canvas and triangular in shape. They can be used individually or attached together to make a very large space. They are very surprising, as from the outside they can look small, but once inside they open up into a wide and tall area. The great thing about a tipi is it's natural colour, this allows the tipis to blend into the outdoor surroundings perfectly. They offer fire pits with the tipis too which make them great to use for any time of year. I would say that couples who are looking for something magical and romantic with a laid back vibe, would to be suited to a tipi style venue. 
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Yurts are a round, wooden structure with a natural canvas. They are a fantastic space to use for a wedding with lots of possibilities inside for the layout and decorations. Suitable for couples who are looking for something unique, with a whimsical feel, and festival wedding theme.

Sailcloth Tents

This type of tent is the closest to a traditional marquee. It is also white in colour, but instead of the frame work around the outside that supports a traditional marquee, a sailcloth is held up with wooden poles inside. The sail shapes that make up the look of the tent, give it an elegant and graceful look, therefore suitable for couples that are looking for a more formal wedding day with traditional elements. 
So there you have it, five very popular choices for having a marquee wedding. My advice is to go along and view your top picks at an open day so you can check them out in person.



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