Ways to use Wax seals in your wedding stationery

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on January 25 2023

There are lots of beautiful embellishments that can be used to add extra wow factor to your wedding stationery, but there's nothing quite like a wax seal. It adds a sense of luxury to your stationery. It gives a fantastic texture and helps to add layers. They are available in many different colours from metallics, to brights to pastels, which means it's easy to match your colour scheme. As well as different finishes from matt to glossy. We are even seeing them in different shapes like oval and square. And the best part is that you can have any design stamped into the wax to match your style.  

Invitation Sets

Wax seals are perfect for adding to your invitation suite, you can incorporate it within the overall design, or if you are including rsvps and details cards, you can use it to enclose the set, which might be with a vellum wrap or an envelope.


Adding a wax seal to your menus is a nice touch. Your reception tables is where your guests spend the longest and your photographer will capture some beautiful photos of the details, so your menus will not go unnoticed.

Table Numbers

Table numbers are also a great place to add a wax seal as they are in the middle of the table for everyone to see. It makes your table number a bit more interesting then just presenting a plain number or name.

Place Cards

Place cards are a fantastic place to put a wax seal as your guests are likely to keep them (anything which is personalised guests are likely to hang on to) Again, they are centre stage when photos are being taken and where your guests spend the longest time.

Welcome Cards

A wax seal is mainly used to help keep things closed, which makes them perfect choice for sealing fold up welcome cards. It adds an interactive element to your stationery as your guests will have to break the seal to read what's inside.

Table Plans

With table plans getting much more creative now, we are seeing wax seals being incorporated. With couples using mirrors, acrylic and wooden backgrounds, the wax seals are used to adhere the cards to easily.

Escort Cards

Much like place cards, escort cards serve the same purpose, and help your guests find their seat. They make a wonderful display especially if they have a wax seal on them, and your guests pick them up and take it with them to the table.

Did you know?

I'm sure you'll agree by now that wax seals are so versatile and can really help to  level up your wedding stationery. As well as being available in different colours, finishes and designs there are even more things you can do with them to make them even more amazing! I know it's the gift that keeps giving!  


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