Unique table name ideas

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on November 17 2020

Couples are wanting to be more creative when it comes to naming their tables for their wedding. It is a fantastic way to apply some of your personality. I have some super fun ideas for you that will help get the creative juices flowing to help you choose something that compliments the both of you. I am a huge fan of table names as it add an element of your story into the day and your guests will really enjoy that.
Are you and your partner film lovers? Did you meet at the movies? Perhaps you love nothing more than snuggling up on the sofa at the weekend and watching a good rom com. List your top favourites and there you have your table names. Don't forget the length of the title will effect how your table names will be presented.
Do you both love listening to music? Perhaps you have some favourites that you both love to listen to together. This would be a nice touch as you could also add them to your playlist for dancing to. You could use the titles or lyrics from the  songs.
How about naming your tables places you have visited together on your travels. A country, city or county. Or maybe landmarks you have gone to. It's a nice way to give a little back story on your adventures together. You could even add a photo of your time at that place.
What about using dates for table names, you could use dates that are certain milestones that have happened for you, such as your first date, first holiday together, and when you moved in together. 
Are you really into poems or love stories? Do you have favourite books from your childhood or recent good reads. This would be a unique touch and give your guests something to chat about. 
You may be very fond of quotes, they could be things you say all the time in life or to each other. You may love a quote from a film or a quote from history. It is a great talking point for the guests as they will be busy guessing what it is from.
What about the animals you have had in your past or in the present. Give them the spotlight with a place on the table.
Romantic couples
If your romance was a movie who would you both be? Baby and Jonny or Sandy & Danny. Add a fun twist of your photo's included in the film.
Favourite Sweets
Are you nostalgic about the sweets you used to eat when you was a child? Use all your favourites to name the tables, you could even included them as favours for your gusts to be taken back down memory lane. 
Favourite drinks
Do you have a favourite tipple that you would like to showcase? Perhaps you are having signature drinks at the bar or cocktail hour that would tie in really well with this. Using the bottles to display the table names is a fun idea.
Favourite places to eat
Perhaps you are foodies and you have favourite restaurants, cafes or pubs you would like to include that shows your story.
Sport fans
Is you life together filled with hobbies in sport. Perhaps you could name them after teams, captains, or players.
Letters of the Alphabet
A great idea is using some of the letters of the alphabet. Maybe you could spell out a word or use them to write what the meaning is underneath the letter.
Is your wedding style colourful? Maybe you could name your tables colours to tie in with your theme.
Remember your table names ideally want to match the style and colours of your table plan, to give a cohesive look throughout.

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