Tropical Wedding Ideas

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on May 22 2023

Tropical Wedding Ideas

If you are looking for fun ideas for your wedding or you would love to incorporate more nature onto your design, then look no further than these tropical ideas I have for you. 



When it comes to a tropical theme, think about using warm and bright colours. That is why they call it the tropics after all! As it's hot, hot, hot!! Choose yellows, oranges, greens, copper tones and gold tones, and you are well on your way.


There are lots of tropical plants out there to help you create the right look for a theme like this, from fan palms, spider plants, cactus's, succulents and snake plants. Anything where the plants have a structure to them will help you achieve the right vibe.

Tropical Stationery

A great way of tying in the whole theme is to use tropical stationery. Whether its menus, place cards or signage, including leaves and the right colours will keep your design looking cohesive.

Tropical Drinks

For a tropical theme you will want to help quench your guests thirst with fun drinks. Think bucks fizz, pimms, cocktails and mocktails. Use fun drink straws that will help you serve your drinks to your guests in style.


Disco Balls

Disco balls add the fun factor to any wedding, and pairing them with plants and colour will really give everything the extra wow factor. They just add something special and bring out the different shades of green of the plants you use.

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