Tipi Wedding Styling Tips

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on June 15 2021

If you are thinking of choosing a tipi for your wedding day, there can be a lot to think about, as it is a blank canvas to style how you desire. How you go about decorating it, will depend on the style you like, the colours you want to include and the theme you want to run with, that makes everything you choose to style it with, makes perfect sense.

 Here are some top tips to help you think about styling a tipi

Showcase the Tipi
You have most likely chosen a tipi because you love the look of them. There unique shape, the natural materials they are made of, and the fact that they blend into natures outdoor surroundings effortlessly. So when it comes to decorating them, there is no need to over style them, as they are simple beautiful as they are. 
The Perfect Style
With Tipis having a neutral canvas to work with, the great news is that, this allows different styles to be incorporated with ease. You can create a chilled boho style if you prefer to have a relaxed day or you can create a festival theme where you have party vibes.
Colour Pop
The one thing I absolutely love about a Tipi is the fact that any colour palette you have in mind will fit in perfectly. Which sometimes can be a struggle when you choose a hotel or hall, as you may have other influences of colour in the room to work with. The neutral tones of the wood and canvas allow for the perfect base to create on top of. If you want to keep it simple and fresh showcasing the tipi at it's best, then similar earthy colours with a hint of greenery would be ideal. Soft pastels work like a dream, and bold bright colours will really make it pop. 

If you would like some extra help choosing a colour palette I can help you with that here >>>

The Magic Mood

The other aspect to consider when styling the tipis, is to think about the atmosphere you are trying to create. What experience do you want your guests to have? All the decorations and the way you style everything wants to have a clear purpose. Do you want the meal to be a relaxed sit down affair, then in the evening you want to bring the party vibes? Or do you want the whole thing to feel fun and less structured with silly games and food trucks for guests to help themselves? Thinking of how you want your day to feel, is so important to creating the day you want to have successfully.

Here are some photos from a styled shoot, to help inspire you style your own Tipi.

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