The first five steps to help you get started with wedding planning

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on February 07 2019

Planning a wedding can be a full time job and it can feel a bit overwhelming as there is a lot to get through. Getting started out of the gate is always the hardest part as how do you know what to do first, when you have never done it before. You are in luck, because I am sharing the first five steps to help you get started with your plans, which will give you the best foundations for moving forward. Set your self up for success with this helpful video or you can read the five first steps below.


Discuss Your Vision

It's important to sit down together at the very beginning and have a relaxed chat about what you both want and what your expectations are. This will help you set a good foundation and a start to create a picture in your mind, before you start being influenced by outside factors. Start with what time of year you want to get married, perhaps you have a significant date in mind or you have a favourite season. Talk about all the key elements, like what kind of food you want to eat, what music do you want to play, maybe you have some entertainment in mind for your guests. Who's there, what does it look like and what is the atmosphere going to be? Talking about all the things will help you have a great brain storming session, which will work as a guide to help you start making decisions from there.

Figure out your guest numbers

This is a really vital step, as without this information you will struggle to get the answers you need and want. So start making a list of all the guests you would like to be at the wedding with you. I advise dividing your list into 2 sections, the first list is of all the guests that you know, without fail are going to be there. This includes your nearest and dearest, so your close family and your wedding party. If there is no question whether they will be there or not, this is the list to put them on. The other section is for the guests who you're not quite sure whether they will attend the day or not or perhaps you might just want them at the evening reception. This will give you a good indication on how many guests you have, so that when you get in touch with venues and suppliers they can give you a more accurate quote based on those numbers. 

Look at your venue options

Take plenty of time searching for a venue to hold your wedding at. This is where your discussion from step one, really comes into play and how many guests you have will help you decide which venues to look at. This will save you so much time in the long run, and will enable you to only visit the best choices for you that fit your requirements. I see couples get this so wrong at times, and it's purely because they pick a venue first based on it's popularity, based on the price or because it's local to them. And this is where things could start to get difficult, because obviously a venue need a deposit to secure your date and if you realise the further you get into planning, that the venue doesn't for example match the style you want to create, or the atmosphere of the surroundings doesn't align with the vibe you wanted, you obviously will lose your deposit if you change your mind, meaning a costly mistake or you will have to work harder at getting it to be what you really wanted. One of the common mistakes I see is couples thinking a rustic wedding style will work in a posh hotel. It just doesn't! So please remember to choose a venue that compliments the vision you have.

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Attend some wedding fairs

There will be lots of wedding fairs for you to attend in your local area, once you start looking for them. There may even be one pop up at a venue you want to visit, this is quite common these days. I have some great tips on attending fairs which you may like to watch here.  It's a fantastic chance for you to meet wedding suppliers in person and chat to them face to face. It's an opportunity to ask them questions, get ideas that you maybe haven't thought of yet, and you can see their work in the flesh, which is much better than looking through a computer screen. You will also get a better sense of what they will be like to work with. Suppliers are keen to help and advise you and love talking about weddings so definitely check some out to visit, you never know what you are going to find.

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Collect Quotes 

Before you book anything, I would highly advice starting a spreadsheet so you can list all the suppliers you are interested in working with. Put the suppliers at the top who are your priority and then work your way down. Ask for quotes based on your guests numbers, the packages you are drawn to and the services you require. This way you will clearly see what your budget looks like. Helping you stick to your spending and you can make adjustments as you go.


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Hopefully this will help you get nicely underway with your planning. 

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