The Best Wedding Trends for 2023

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on October 14 2022

Do you want to know what the wedding trends are going to be for 2023? I thought so! I am truly flippin' excited to dive into what's trending right now in the wedding industry and share with you what the predictions are. Any excuse to go down a rabbit hole if you ask me, and get lost in a whole world of inspiration. If you don't fancy getting lost for days like me, you don't have to, as I have done all the leg work for you. So I am sharing my take on what's to come!


The wedding industry feels more alive than ever to me and I am absolutely buzzing with energy. After a tough time in our industry, venues and suppliers are showing up stronger than ever with their amazing talents and offerings. After all that time we had staying at home not being able to do our work, the creativity is now being unleashed! It's an amazing time to be tying the knot and lots of new and exciting opportunities have opened up to couples in the last year.

Where the trends come from?

I follow lots of my favourite wedding blogs, I love reading articles and of course scrolling the latest Pinterest Trends to keep myself up to date. Some of my predictions also come from chatting and listening closely to the needs of the couples that I have met in the last year. 

Outdoor Venues

Due to the new law made in 2022 which allows licensed venues to host weddings outdoors, this means that outdoor wedding venues are since becoming extremely popular and are getting booked up way in advance. This exciting development has opened up more opportunities for couples as well as new venues popping up around the region and for existing venues, their offerings just got bigger and better! This news allows couples to married where they want to, making it more personal and meaningful to them.

outdoor wedding ceremony

Bigger Guest List

Now that the pandemic is behind us now, guest lists for 2023 and beyond will be back to the 'more the merrier' vibe. Couples are embracing the carefree attitude and inviting everyone they know to have a good old party. This being said, do not feel pressured to have a big guest list, as smaller weddings are still very popular indeed, which means you can spurge on the parts that are super important to you.

Choice of Suppliers

While many amazing suppliers diaries are still booked up from the back log of many postponned wedding days. The great news is that this has given new suppliers on the scene a fantastic opportunity in the industry. Lots of new ideas and fresh faces are appearing and it makes the industry very exciting. New people to work with, to collaborate with, to inspire each other and encourage each other, which is very infectious! This makes couples finding their dream team to work with easier than ever before. Wedding Open Days are back with a bang to help showcase new and updated venues and the talents of suppliers, allowing you to chat freely and find what you need and love. More Styled Shoots are taking place at these new venues to help inspire you with ideas too, so lots of places to seek out inspiration.

greenery wedding tables

Weekend Weddings

Couples spend so much time planning their wedding, it makes perfect sense to make it last a few days. Outdoor venues hold the key to having your family and friends stay for longer, making all the effort worth it. Think festival vibes with glamping style bell tents to all gather together. Lots of couples are considering adding pre-wedding drinks gatherings and after party meals to make your special moment last a bit longer. I have been noticing venues starting to offer weekend packages to their couples as they recognise the growing need for it. 

Be Different - Beware of the Trend!

If you have said the words 'I want our wedding to be different' 'I want to have something no-one else has had' I totally hear you!! It can be really hard with a sea of endless ideas thrown at you to pick out what no-one else has had. For example, take the log slice, copper framework or doughnut wall, they may have been a little overseen now, in my opinion! While these sort of items were trending at that time, this means EVERYONE decided to have them at their wedding. Even though the world is so fast paced, some trends stick around along time, this is until something new, fresh, exciting and different comes around, giving couples new ideas to play with.

Here at Confetti Sweethearts we love creating something new, so we offer a bespoke design service where we can work with you 1-1 on an idea, giving you the opportunity to have something made that is different to others. We delve into what makes you a unique couple.

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wooden table plan display

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Personal touches are still a key element to couples to make their day feel special. Whether it is personalised menus, favours with meaning, styling that represents them or decor that adds the perfect atmosphere, making it personal is at the top of their list.

Help with Styling

This leads me nicely onto the fact that more couples are taking a more considered approach when it comes to decorating their venue, and working along creative stylists to help them bring their vision to life. Attention to detail is right up there on couples priority list and they want everything to look like it does on Pinterest. More and more brides want to see their wedding featured on a blog or in a magazine, therefore a specialist touch is what they are seeking. Time is also a worrying factor, with couples realising early on with planning, that lots of time is needed, researching and hunting down what you need to bring the whole vision to life, and deliver the goods on the day.

wedding stylist lincolnshire

I offer Full Design & Wedding Styling to Co-Ordination which you can find more details on here >>  


Couples are being much braver and adding more colour into their wedding these days. We are seeing more mixtures of colour palettes as stylists play with different tones and hues, working along side florists who bring the best out of the season. Adding colour is a fantastic way to add more energy and personality into your day, and it's not going anywhere in a hurry. We are seeing much more colourful weddings to help celebrate and express the joyous event taking place. A perfect example of that is shown below with a variety of pink shades mixed with earthy textures.

whimsical wedding ideas

A colour that will be trending in 2023 is Sage Green, this is a colour that couples ask me for time and time again and it's still a popular go to as it's related so much to nature. Perfect for spring and summer weddings helping to create a fresh vibe. Subtle colours with muted tones such as lilac will be used in more weddings to give pops of colour for couples looking to add a splash of interest. Dark green is also a firm favourite perfect for eco-friendly couples, and for couples who want to add more warmth and a statement. And Pinterest predicts in there 2023 trend report that Rust weddings are also going to be a big part of real weddings in this next year! You can read more about that trend here.


Couples are focussing more of their attention on key statement pieces and we are seeing more and more bigger installations stealing the show. The fact that couples can now get married outside, opens up more opportunities to larger displays, such as arches for the ceremony. Indoors, we are seeing more creativity above tables with ladders to fill empty space and bring it down to a intimate level, and backdrops behind the main table. 

wedding ladder


Natural materials in weddings is still extremely popular, as couples embrace being closer to nature. Going to town on the key areas of your venue with showstopper displays is the key to wow factor styling. We are seeing much more fuss made of the wedding cake and welcome displays with fun backdrops to add a unique touch. In home interiors we are seeing a strong lean towards contemporary design with an edge and industrial look. This is trickling it's way down into weddings which is perfect for couples looking for the non-traditional wedding style.



wedding cake display


And we are also seeing a big deal made of the lighting as it is one of most effective ways to add an impact. Lighting can add fun vibes with neon, edison lighting add warmth and character, and fairy lights add a romantic atmosphere.

love wedding lighting

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Supporting Small

After attending many wedding fairs it has becoming very apparent that couples are much more savvy when it comes to choosing who they work with and spend their money with. Their values come into play and they would much rather support small business's who are local to them and who have a genuine story. The desire to help out these business's in their local community is a key player in their planning journey. 

Seating Arrangements

Since 2020 we have seen the Sweetheart Table continue to thrive giving couples the opportunity to have some alone time together, while guests are busy being whined and dined. The sweetheart table is a fantastic place to have a key focal point in the room for unique decor that shows off the area. The Head Table is also increasing in popularity, this is great for larger quantities of your wedding party members or perhaps you have extended family members to accommodate for. The head table is most often a rectangular, banquet style with guests sat on either side. This style of seating is very popular these days as it allows your guests to socialise more easily and it gives off a relaxed vibe instantly.

wedding head table


New Traditions

I love a tradition, but it's time to make new ones, and move on with some fresh takes, and I am loving what i am seeing couples embrace. Here are a few you may like to consider for your own day.

The First Look

The 'first look' has made it's way over to our little Island and we have been seeing couples embrace this new tradition. I am totally here for it, I have to say, it's super fun, very different and gives me butterflies just thinking about the moment the couple will lock eyes on each other for the first time. This gives you a chance to be alone before it all kicks off and you don't have a minute to spare, and it will make for some gorgeous photos for you to look back on.

Wedding Party Entrance

Mixed wedding parties are still going strong with groomswomen, best woman, bridesmen, bridesmates and many more. They are now wanting to up the anti and make their own amazing entrance down the aisle! Some even making the role funny (not in a cringe way!) We are seeing dancing flower men totally rock the aisle before the arrival of the couple. Don't be afraid to let your friends let loose, if that's their personality, your guests will remember your day more than anyone else's! So embrace their quirks! 


First Dance Alternative

The idea of the first dance is a bit cringe for some couples. So if this is the case, choose something else instead. I have seen one couple have a dance off on those dance mats you can buy. Imagine what fun that would be! But there are lots of other things you could do instead. What about a first duel, (lightsaber battle)  A first drink, first game, first hula hoop. This is a chance to add in your personalities with your own 'first' as a married couple. You may even like to include your 'first look' as the thing you do instead.

 To sum up

While it's super useful to hear what the trends are and know what to look out for in the wedding industry, it's really important to remember that when your starting to plan your day, only follow a trend if it relates to you. Remember you are creating your own day of special memories that reflect your personalities and taste. You don't have to do something, just because that's what everyone else is doing. We dropped that approach when we started to drop old traditions and couples realised they can do what they want, rather then follow a rule book.


Trends change everyday! So don't think you have a Timeless Wedding. It just doesn't exist, how can it? Whatever you choose now, will most likely be amazing for another 10 years! But after that you will have to join the club like the rest of us and start saying 'I can't believe that's what I wore, I can't believe that's what we ate, that's what we danced to, and so on... That's the beauty of your love story. It's all about the journey, and looking back will be a hoot in the future! So don't forget that.


Photos by Danny Inwood Photography


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