Tips for styling your wedding on a budget

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on December 28 2022

If you are styling your wedding venue on a budget there are lots of things you can do to cut down on costs. It's just about getting in the right mind set, thinking outside the box, getting resourceful and getting a little creative with the decor for your day. I have some great tips to help you save your pennies, so let's dive in to it!


Firstly, you need to prioritise what is most important to you. Make a list of your must-haves at the top, then put what you're not so bothered about at the bottom. This helps you to loosen up about the idea that you need to have everything on the wedding list in order to have a great day. This is just not true, prioritising what matters to you most is more important.

Choose Seasonal

If you choose flowers that are in season then this will save you money as your florist won't need to import them. Or opting for greenery instead of flowers will save you alot of money. You can even forage wild flowers and foliage from your garden or your family and friends to help you decorate. 

Key Areas

Remember, you don't have to decorate your wedding venue from top to toe! Focus on your key areas instead. Tables are where your guests spend the longest, then decide where else is a priority. You might want everyone partying all evening, therefore the dance floor maybe what you choose to prioritise to decorate. Or you might have a super fancy cake therefore, you want to go big on the styling for that. Remembering point one, prioritise! This will help you spend your money wisely and effectively.

Use Items from your Home

Look around your home and see what treasures you can unearth that you might be able to incorporate. Anything from candles to vases, to blankets to baskets can be used somewhere.


Hire Items

Hiring items will always be cheaper than buying them outright, so it's definitely worth seeing what is available to you. Prop hire company's like myself have a unique collection of decor to choose from and I even have a few prop packages to help you save money. 

You can check out the prop catalogue here >>

You can check out the prop packages available here>>



Any decor that you are using for your ceremony area, make sure to move what you can to your wedding reception. You might be able to use your ceremony backdrop for behind your top table or for taking photos later on with guests. Move any florals too to get your full use out of them and pop your bridal bouquets in vases to make table centrepieces.

Explore Charity Shops

You never know what treasures you will find in a charity shop, so it's worth checking your local ones out. People get rid of some really good items so go and see what you can find, at bargin prices.



Have a go at making something yourself, something you feel comfortable with taking on, but make sure you don't do this last minute incase you don't get the results you want. There are lots of tutorials for projects online these days so take some time to explore that.



I hope you found these tips useful and it's started to help the creative juices flow.

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