Six key wedding invitation mistakes to avoid

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on May 21 2021

Of course no wedding is without any mistakes along the way, but we can do our best to avoid any hiccups from happening. Here are some mistakes that can be avoided when it comes to your wedding invitations.
Not ordering samples
It's so important to order samples of the stationery pieces you like the look of first, before ordering all that you need. You want to check you are happy with quality, see what the texture feels like, and check that the colours match your wedding theme. By not ordering samples first could cost you a lot of money if you are not happy with the finished article.

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modern wedding stationery collection

Sending out too late
Avoid thinking you have plenty of time, keep in mind that you have to choose your wedding invitations, maybe work with a designer to get the design right, order your samples, then you have to allow time for them to be made. You then need to spend time addressing them and allow for delivery time once sent. So starting the process early will set you up for a stress free work flow.
Too much info
It's important not to include too much information on your invitation as it will end up looking crammed on and not easy on the eye if the writing is too small. This is what details cards are for so you can put all the extra information on there. 
When suppling your information to the stationery designer, make sure to of checked your spelling, punctuation and grammar throughly before sending. There is nothing worse then realising when it is too late that there is a mistake. This is what samples are for, as things appear differently on the computer as a proof.
No rsvp instructions
Remember to give your guests a call to action by suppling them with the date you would like them to reply by. Suppling them with a reply card that they can fill in which can also include other information like menu choices, dietary requirements, or song choices will prompt them to send it back to you. Or if you have a wedding website, make sure it is clear what they need to do on there.

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Forgetting postage on rsvp
A thoughtful thing to include is a postage stamp on your return envelope for the guests. This way you will receive a quicker reply as your guests won't need to scramble about for one.
rsvp card
Not ordering enough or ordering too many
Make sure to calculate properly how many invitations you will need for your guests as you want to send them all at the same time. Make sure to order a few extras as you may have last minute guests to invite, one may get lost in the post, or you may want one as a keepsake for yourself.

If you would like something bespoke creating then I would love to here what you have in mind, you can join me for a 1-1 chat with my bespoke design service.

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