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Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on August 13 2021

Have you given much thought to the experience your guests are going to have at your wedding reception? While the day is very much about the two of you, it’s just as important to put your guests at the top of your priority list. As how your guests feel, can make or break the vibe of your day. Making them feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable is what you want to aim for. And one of the key areas to do this is when they sit down at their table at your reception. It’s the area your guests are going to spend the longest amount of time, it’s their space for the rest of the day, so it’s the main area you want to wow them.
Being a stationery designer and stylist I like to focus on the finer details and the personal touches. It's all about the guests experience.  If you know your guests are happy, you will enjoy your wedding much more and relax more too.
 Consider indulging your guests by carefully selecting key things that will really make your tables pop. The attention is all in the details, here are some simple ways to make an impact.
A Warm Welcome
When your guests pull up their chair for the reception you want them to feel  welcome, so make sure to greet them with a place card with their name on, or a hand written letter or poem. It's a nice personal touch that your guests will reallly appreciate.
You spend ages making sure everything is perfectly arranged on the tables, but the truth of it is once your guests are seated they will be touching everything! Sorry to break it to you! But do not fear as this is a good sign, as if they are not, this means they don't feel comfortable. You want your guests to touch, this means they are enjoying the experience. Some clever ways to do this is to add texture and layers. You want it to be a feast for the eyes. 
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Personalised Menu's
Another way to welcome your guests is to greet them with a personalised menu card. Informing them what they will be eating will get them excited at what's to come, instead of anxiously waiting at what's going to arrive on their plate.
Another fun way to pretty up your table is to personalise your napkins. This makes a wonderful keepsake which your guests can take home with them, wash them, and they can treasure forever. 
Be Bold
If you really want to wow your guests then my advice splurge on the table decor. You can hire coloured glassware, metallic cutlery, tapered candles, fancy crockery and pretty linens, instead of choosing standard choices presented to you which let's face it, it's usually white. If you want to stand out from the crowd then this is a great place to start when you have figured out your colour scheme. 

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Surprise gifts
Depending on the budget you have to spend on each guests will depend how extravagant you can be with your favours. But a sure way of surprising them is to treat them to a special gift to remember your day. Use gift boxes or favour bags to present them in. They will be dying to open them to see what's inside.

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