My Favourite Wedding Moments

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on April 24 2023

I got married in 2014 and it was an unforgettable day. I wanted to share with you my top five favourite moments.

Walking down the Aisle

Walking down the aisle with my dad was a very special moment and I'm sure my dad would agree. I have two brothers so he was only going to get this opportunity once, and we both embraced the long walk down the aisle together. I am sure he was very proud, and I have some lovely photos of us both beaming with happy smiles.


Husbands Speech

My husband gave a very memorable speech, he made everyone laugh, told our love story and delivered genuine thank you's to our loved ones. He is not used to being centre of attention, but he handled it like a pro, and I will remember it forever.


First Dance

We were a while selecting our song for our first dance, we both like similar music but was struggling to agree. It was my husband that came up trumps when he found the track 'At Last ' by Etta James. I cried when he played it to me as the words just got me! So we knew it was the right one! Our first dance was very special and towards the end of the song he picked me up and twirled me round which made a special moment in the evening.


Reaction of Guests

We surprised our guests on the day with our tipi venue. We kept the tipis a secret so we could bottle up the magic that gave until the moment of reveal. No one knew apart from our mums. When my dad saw them his eye filled with tears, which exceeded my expectations for a reaction! I loved seeing everyones reaction, it was priceless!


Sleeping in the Tipi

Usually the happy couple are the first to leave the wedding, but we decided to be the last, because we wanted to sleep in the tipis after every one had gone home. Rather than going home or getting a taxi in a hotel, we had all our bedding loaded in the van ready to have a sleepover outdoors! It was a fun experience and was a nice end to a rewarding day.


I hope you enjoyed hearing all about my favourite moments of my wedding day.


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