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Why do I need to create a mood board for my wedding I hear you ask? Isn't that just more work? I hear you loud and clear, but I can assure you the time spent creating a mood board will save you lots of time in the long run, so it will be totally worth it!
First thing's first when creating a mood board, we need to establish what you want your day to feel like, the vibe you want your guests to feel is very important so choosing key words to help with this, is the very first step.
Ask yourself do you want your day to feel like,
- Romantic
- Wild
- Laid-back
- Intimate
- Nostalgic 
We now need to use your chosen words to create a look with them by choosing a style. Choose one or two words to represent this.
- Modern
- Glamorous
- Vintage
- Chic
- Classic
- Whimsical
- Moody
- Minimalist 
Once you have your chosen words, refer back to them repeatedly when collecting pictures from magazines or Pinterest, collect materials you like the texture of, looking at fonts you like the look of, and choosing colours you are drawn to. It is so easy to get side tracked if you see a pretty picture, but ask yourself,'Do my ideas match up with my key words? If so, you should begin to see a common theme emerging with your choices, which means you're right on track.
Now it is time to narrow it down so that we avoid wedding overwhelm, by selecting your favourites and the ones that make the most sense against your keywords.
Ask yourself these further questions.
Do these colours represent the season we are getting married?
Will my choices fit in well with the surroundings on the day, such as the venue?
What fabrics and textures will work well with the colours and ideas I have?
What kind of flowers or plants will tie in with the style?
Your board should now clearly have the right ingredients to move forward.
When choosing large items you want to incorporate as well as the smallest details for the table decor, you need to remember the feeling you are trying to create. 
If it is warm and cosy, choosing tea lights and blankets would be perfect. If it is relaxed and rustic, you may want wooden elements to bring your venue to life. If it is romantic and glamorous you may want sparkly sequin table cloths and tapered candles.
You want your mood board to look visual pleasing. The idea of a mood board is give you a clear direction to work from. Every time you have a decision to make with wedding planning you can always refer back to your mood board to help you stay on track. You can ask yourself when making choices, 'does this fit in with my mood board?' if so that's great, if not you can quickly move on as you will not be torn or swayed.
They are really helpful for not only yourself but also if you are working with a other suppliers, so that you can easily convey your vision to them and they have a clear idea what you are expecting everything to look and feel like.
Top Tip
When looking for inspiration don't think you have to stick to wedding related things, look in fashion, art, home decor, and places you visit that inspire you. Remember, your day wants to represent the both of you so your everyday life and style is 100% relevant to this, to create a day that is personal and unique to you.
Below are some examples of mood boards I have created to help inspire you to bring your own to life. 

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