5 Benefits of using plants in your wedding

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on March 20 2023

Plants are increasing in popularity among modern couples, as we all become more aware of what effect our wedding choices are having on the environment. The more couples seeking an alternative way to decorate their venue, the more we start to see more inspiration and options appear in the industry. I am a huge fan of using plants to decorate your space, it's a perfect choice for non-tradition couples seeking for something different to the 'norm', nature lovers and eco-conscious couples. Not only do plants look fabulous as wedding decor, they also have lots of benefits too. So today I want to dive into what makes them so special.


Environmentally Friendly

One of the biggest pros to using plants is that they are a better choice for a sustainable wedding. There will be no waste after your wedding as plants are long lasting so can be re-used, which makes them a very smart choice. 


Lots of Variety

There are so many options when it comes to plants. As well as indoor and outdoor choices, you are spoiled for choice with variety. There are so many to choose from including succulents, catus's, ferns. And even trees and herbs can be used to. It all depends on what type of vibe you are going for as plants can definatley help you create a wedding style.

You can read more about what wedding styles they suit in this fun blog post.



They add meaning

Lots of plants symbolise different emotions, ideas and actions, so when it comes to your wedding, you might like to look into the meaning of the plants you are choosing to add a deeper level to your decor. According to research, succulents represent loyalty and endurance. Fern plants represent new beginnings, and snake plants represent good luck. I think this adds a really nice touch to your wedding decor.



Time Saver

Choosing plants not only means you are doing a really good deed for the planet, it also means you or your wedding stylist can prep this kind of thing ahead of your wedding day. This means you are going to save yourself a lot of stress on the lead up to the wedding, as well as so much time will be saved on set up day itself.


Great for Budget

It is most definitely cheaper to hire plants from a wedding stylist or prop hire company. Of course you can raid your families gardens, but i'm not so sure how pleased they would be digging up their garden for you to use them. On top of your plants, you will need pots or containers to put them in, which a stylist would already have available. I offer a plant hire service with lots of variety as well as plant pots to put them in. If you would like to enquiry about this service, you can get in touch here.

If you would like to hire plants to use in your wedding design then you can check out the prop catalogue here >> 

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